Dehumidifiers Made in USA? (I Made a List)


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It’s always nice to know where our products come from. With many companies doing most of their manufacturing in China it can be challenging to find companies that operate in the U.S. I did some digging to see if any dehumidifiers are still made in the USA.


Which Companies Sell Dehumidifiers Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research, I was able to find a few different companies that produce American-made dehumidifiers. They are AprilAire, Santa Fe and DCA.

A List of American Made Dehumidifiers

Now that we know which brands produce dehumidifiers made in the USA, let’s break down each one for a closer look.


Founded back in 1938 in Madison, Wisconsin, AprilAire has always been a company that focuses on products that control air quality. From ventilation and air filters to radon mitigation systems and healthy air devices, they do it all.

The company started to focus its priorities on dehumidifiers in 1954. Since then, the company has expanded to become a major player in the American dehumidifier market.

The company has had several significant breakthroughs throughout its long history. In 1989, AprilAire released its first automatic humidifier for public consumption. Then by the early 2000s millions of homes across America had AprilAire humidifiers and dehumidifiers in them.

Every AprilAire dehumidifier comes with a 5-year warranty. And, on top of removing excess moisture, their products also help to combat pests, bacteria, viruses, and they even help to remove dust. It’s easy to see why the company is so popular!

AprilAire has a wide range of dehumidifiers, from whole-house dehumidifiers to basement and crawlspace dehumidifiers. Here are a few of their products:

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is another brand that was founded in the U.S. The company produces some of the best dehumidifiers made in the USA. Santa Fe products are assembled in Madison, Wisconsin. The company works on creating high-quality dehumidifiers that are built to last.

All of Santa Fe’s dehumidifiers are equipped with a MERV-13 filter. What this means is that their dehumidifiers remove 98% of dust, and they can also remove mold spores, pollen, dust, and bacteria. So their dehumidifiers are great all-rounders.

Santa Fe mainly focuses on building large dehumidifiers that are primarily used for large areas like basements. However, they do also produce smaller, portable dehumidifiers too.

Some of the products that they make are the Santa Fe UltraMD33 Dehumidifier, Santa Fe Ultra 70 Dehumidifier, and the Santa Fe Ultra 98 Dehumidifier.

DCA – Dehumidifier Corporation of America

As the name suggests, this is an American company. The company is based in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. They focus on creating high-quality dehumidifiers for everyday Americans.

The DCA has many years of experience across a large range of sectors. From hotel and residential dehumidifiers to commercial dehumidifiers and everything in between.

The product range sold by the DCA is incredibly large and varied, so instead of listing off some of the products, here’s a link to their store where you can see each product in more detail.

According to their website, all their products are designed in America by highly trained American staff. It’s unclear whether they are an independent business or a governing body for dehumidifiers. But, they do produce and sell their own range of dehumidifiers, so they made it onto the list.

Dehumidifier Companies That Get Mistaken as American Manufacturers

A kind reader reached out with some information regarding some companies that were placed on the list above. Due to this new information, some companies have been removed from above and placed below instead.

Pohl Schmitt

Pohl Schmitt is a home and kitchen appliance company based in Portland, Oregon. Initially, I mistook this company as being an American manufacturer. I came across a few different sources which weren’t officially affiliated with Pohl Schmitt stating that it was an American manufacturer. However, this isn’t the case.

It clearly states on Pohl Schmitt’s dehumidifiers that the company manufactures them in China.

Pohl Schmitt dehumidifiers made in China



GE is a multinational conglomerate. GE was founded in 1832 in New York by Charles A. Coffin, J.P Morgan, and Thomas Edison. GE is more than your standard company. They are recognized worldwide for quality products and innovative design work.

GE makes pretty much every kitchen appliance you can imagine. They also produce dehumidifiers. As for the manufacturing location, this one gets a little complicated. According to GE’s website and Best Buy, GE’s dehumidifiers are made in the USA.

However, numerous customers have stated that it clearly says made in China on the box. A reader also left a comment backing up those customer statements. So, it does look like GE’s dehumidifiers are in fact, made in China.

GE dehumidifiers made in China



Finishing up this section we have Frigidaire. Founded in 1918 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Frigidaire is a kitchen appliance company. They mainly focus on refrigerators and freezers. However, they also make dehumidifiers.

While the company does conduct lots of its manufacturing in the US, it manufactures all of its dehumidifiers in China. After a reader reached out to let us know, I reached out immediately to Frigidaire and a representative confirmed that its dehumidifiers are made in China.

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  1. Thanks! This site is very informative for product information and It definitely helps me understand where I can support American made.

  2. Those Portable Dehumidifiers are all made in China, the Pohl Schmitt links have ‘made in China’ right in the description. GE is China, so is Frigidaire which I have owned 3 and all but one lasted less than two years, this last one lasted four but has ended the same way – runs up the electric bill but does no water collection.

    • Thank you for your comment. This article was written a few months ago, and you are absolutely right! After checking on the brands you mentioned above, Pohl Schmitt, Frigidaire, and GE manufacture their dehumidifiers in China. Changes will be made to reflect your comment.

      You do state in your comment that all of the companies on the list make their portable dehumidifiers in China. I reached out to AprilAire and they stated that their dehumidifiers are made in Wisconsin. DCA also confirmed that its dehumidifiers are American made as did Santa Fe.

      I will be updating the article regarding Pohl Schmitt, Frigidaire, and GE. But as for the others, since the companies confirmed to me directly that they manufacture in the US, I’m going to leave them as they are. If anyone has proof to the contrary though, I’m all ears!

      Thanks once again for your comment, comments like this really help our website to grow. Please feel free to get in touch again if you have any more questions and concerns. We really appreciate you taking the time to contact us.


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