Wood Stoves Made in the USA (Have A Look At These)


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As wood stoves are often expensive, many people are cautious about where they purchase their wood stoves from. Wood stoves need to be efficient at providing heat but also providing durability. Not to forget, safety is a number one priority. So, you want your wood stove to be made from quality materials that keep your living room or chosen area safe. That is why I have written an article on wood stoves made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Wood Stoves Made in America (The Short Answer)

Through lots of research, I was able to discover four different brands that manufacture wood stoves in America. These four companies are Lopi Stoves, Englander Stoves, Acme Stoves, and Kuma Stoves. Let’s have a look at these four companies.

Lopi Stoves

Lopi Stoves has been providing stoves in America for well over 40 years. Over these many decades, Lopi Stoves has built a reputation for quality products, excellent manufacturing, durability, efficiency, and a process that reduces the carbon footprint.

The business was created by Kurt Rumens in 1979 and it has become one of the nation’s favorite stove designers ever since. Lopi Stoves are constantly expanding and perfecting the design of every stove sold in order to build trust with customers.

As one of the nation’s favorites, Lopi has high standards to meet. A way that Lopi succeeds in these expectations is by manufacturing in America. Its state-of-the-art stoves are assembled in Mukilteo, Washington. Lopi wishes to provide an eco-friendly, safe, and efficient method to heat your home and by purchasing a stove from Lopi, that’s exactly what you get.

Lopi Stoves Wood Stoves Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.lopistoves.com/

Look here for Lopi’s American-made premium wood stoves.

Englander Stoves

Englander was founded in 1976. Robert England constructed his first heating stove in his personal workshop. Robert and his son, Scott, combined their knowledge and talent to manufacture many more stoves. This was the catalyst for the business Englander.

After 47 years, Englander is focused more than ever on maintaining a strong brand image by providing affordable stoves for customers across the US and Canada.

The family believed that they needed to build on their traditions as the business expanded. The back garden overtime was no longer suitable. Today, Englander has a large manufacturing facility that is located in Monroe, Vancouver, USA. This is right near the family home and radiates the traditions and culture of the family.

Even though the company has grown significantly, it has not abandoned its traditions of American-manufactured wood stoves.

Englander Stoves Wood Stoves Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.englander-stoves.com/us/en/heaters/wood-stoves/

Have a look at this list of American-made wood stoves by Englander.

Acme Stoves

Acme Stove has been in business for over 40 years. Selling stoves out of Virginia, the family business is committed to creating the finest wood stoves for heating family homes. The company has retail locations throughout Virginia, including Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond. There are over 100 fireplaces and wood stove models to choose from in the company’s display rooms.

The company was founded in 1975 and ensures that the manufacturing process always takes place in America. Even today, the manufacturing location is in North Carolina, USA. The facility is large and uses high-end equipment to produce handmade and quality wooden stoves.

Acme Stoves Wood Stoves Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.acmestoveco.com/brands/buck/

Here is a list of wooden stoves manufactured in the USA by Acme Stoves.

Kuma Stoves

Kuma Stoves has been manufacturing wood stoves in America since 1981. Mark Freeman, the founder, constructed the first ever Kuma Stove on his Chevrolet pick-up truck. The majority of people that run this business are a part of the family. Kuma uses materials, technology, and environmental procedures to ensure that each wood stove is made to the best possible standard.

Kuma produces wood stoves that meet every expectation of a premium wood-burning product. All of Kuma Stoves’ products are manufactured in the USA and its materials are sourced from US suppliers. Kuma is proud to maintain the tradition of American manufacturing and provide Americans with jobs.

Kuma Stoves Wood Stoves Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.kumastoves.com/about

Here’s a list of Kuma Stoves wood stoves manufactured in America.

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