Cribs Made in Canada (Do They Exist?)


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Anybody who’s had a baby can attest to the importance of having a quality crib. With so many companies opting to manufacture overseas, finding products made outside of China is becoming increasingly difficult. But is this true for cribs? Well, in this article, I’ll be looking at cribs made in Canada.


Do Any Brands Sell Canadian Made Cribs? (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found a handful of Canadian crib manufacturers. They are Narart, TULIP Juvenile, Dutailier, and Nest Juvenile.

Cribs Made in Canada (What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we have our Canadian crib manufacturers let’s take a closer look at each one.


Natart is a family-owned company. It’s a little different from most other companies out there as it offers Italian-designed and inspired furniture all made in Canada. The family who own and operate the company originally come from Rome. They moved to Quebec in 1995 and began bringing Italian decor to Canada.

Narart is actually the largest North American manufacturer of baby furniture. The company manufactures a wide array of furniture aimed toward babies and young children, this includes cribs.

Narart’s cribs are built using high-quality materials and they look incredible. I couldn’t find out where the company’s manufacturing facility is for certain, but it looks like it conducts its manufacturing in Quebec. Here are a few of its cribs for you to check out. Each crib linked below has the phrase Made in Canada written in the product description.

Natart Cribs Made in Canada


TULIP Juvenile

TULIP Juvenile is a subsidiary of Natart. But since it manufactures products under its own name, it gets a mention on this list. All of the information for this company is exactly the same as the previous entry.

There is one difference, it offers different cribs to Natart. While they seem to be manufactured at the same facility, the products themselves are different. Here are some of Tulip Juvenile’s cribs for you to check out.


Dutailier was founded in 1976. It is a Canadian furniture company that specializes in high-end wooden pieces and luxurious chairs. The company also works ethically and it uses sustainable business practices when producing its furniture pieces.

According to the company website, Dutailer’s products are all handcrafted in Canada. The company understands the importance of local manufacturing, so it opts to conduct all of its manufacturing within Canada.

Dutailier Cribs Made in Canada


For those eager to see what Dutailier has to offer, here are some links to its Canadian-made cribs.

Nest Juvenile

Nest Juvenile is the last entry in this section. Like one of the entries above, Nest Juvenile is a subsidiary of Natart. And just like the entry above, the manufacturing location is the same as Natart but its products are different.

Here are some of Nest Juvenile’s Canadian-made cribs for you to check out.

A Company That People Mistake as Being a Canadian Manufacturer

As I was doing the research for this article, I came across a company that was listed on several sites as being a Canadian manufacturer. However, upon closer inspection, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Here’s what I found.


Firstly, It’s worth mentioning that none of the misinformation comes from Babyletto themselves. In fact, a quick look at the company’s website clearly shows that its cribs are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

There were several third-party articles claiming that Babyletto manufactures cribs in Canada. This just simply isn’t true. Here’s a link to the company’s support page where it talks about its manufacturing locations.

Babyletto Cribs Made in Canada


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