Where Are Sealy Mattresses Made? (I Share What I Found Out)


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These days, lots of companies are opting to manufacture overseas. Luckily, there’s a growing trend that sees companies bringing manufacturing closer to home. But what about Sealy? Who makes its mattresses and where are they made? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Who Makes Sealy Mattresses?

Sealy’s products are marketed and sold by Tempur Sealy International Inc. According to Tempur Sealy International’s website, it is the world’s largest bedding provider. It manufactures mattresses, pillows, and other bed-related products for a handful of companies.

Tempur Sealy International owns a few very well-known mattress brands. They include Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster.

While Tempus Sealy International Inc. is responsible for overseeing Sealy’s production, a lot of Sealy’s production is carried out under the Sealy name. So technically speaking, Tempur Sealy International is the company that makes Sealy mattresses.

Who Makes Sealy Mattresses


Where are Sealy Mattresses Made?

According to Sealy’s official website, all of its mattresses are proudly built in the USA. Unfortunately, ‘built in’ and ‘made in’ can mean two different things. It could just be that the mattresses are finished in the US but mainly manufactured overseas.

Where are Sealy Mattresses Made


Sealy has manufacturing facilities in China, Singapore, the US, and a handful of other countries. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t state which of its mattresses are made in the USA.

So, while some of its mattresses may be American made, I couldn’t find out exactly which models are made in the US and which are made overseas.

We’ve already written about American made mattresses if that’s what you’re looking for. I took a deep dive on the subject and listed several companies that offer them, so definitely check that out.

History of Sealy Mattresses

Sealy was founded in Texas in 1881. It is one of the oldest active American mattress companies out there. In 1889, the founder invented a machine that compressed cotton. This machine was licensed to other companies to make mattresses under the name ‘Mattresses from Sealy’.

History of Sealy Mattresses 1


In 1950, Posturepedic technology was created. This innovation in mattress technology paved the way for more reliable mattresses that targeted specific pressure points while you slept to help offer a better quality night’s sleep.

As time went on, Sealy remained at the forefront of mattress innovation. According to its website, Sealy is America’s Number 1 Mattress Brand. This is no easy feat when you take into consideration just how many brands there are out there.

History of Sealy Mattresses 2


Over the company’s more than 140-year history, it has picked up a plethora of awards and accolades for its mattresses and other bed-related products. Most recently, the Sealy Elevate Ultra Mattress range won a Good Housekeeping Award.

As a whole Sealy is a very popular company that only seems to keep growing in popularity as time goes on. It will be very interesting to see what’s next for this globally recognized mattress manufacturer.

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