Where Are Ooni Pizza Ovens Made? (I Did Some Research)


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Owning a pizza oven used to be reserved for restaurant owners and the wealthiest among us. But thanks to companies like Ooni, it is now possible to make quality pizzas from home. But where does Ooni manufacture its pizza ovens? And who manufactures them? Well, I’ll be answering those questions in this article.


Who Makes Ooni Pizza Ovens?

Ooni is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company is owned by its founders, Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho. Ooni got its initial funding from a Kickstarter campaign in 2012.

Who Makes Ooni Pizza Ovens


While I could not find any external companies that are directly involved with Ooni, I wasn’t able to find any evidence to suggest that Ooni manufactures its own pizza ovens. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t find out who makes Ooni pizza ovens with 100% certainty.

Where are Ooni Pizza Ovens Made?

While Ooni is based in Scotland, its manufacturing is carried out in China. I was unable to find out where in China Ooni’s pizza ovens are made, but according to numerous reliable sources, it all takes place in China.

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There are a couple of third-party articles that claim Ooni pizza ovens are made in the UK. This isn’t true. It looks like people are getting confused as Ooni states that its ovens are designed in Scotland. As every reader will know, ‘designed in’ and ‘made in’ mean two different things.

I read through Ooni’s official website to try and find more information regarding its manufacturing locations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything regarding where its pizza ovens are made.

The only thing I could find on Ooni’s website was a sentence about the company having team members in the US and Europe. This statement doesn’t really offer much when it comes to where Ooni pizza ovens are actually made but it’s all I could find on the company’s website.

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The fact that Ooni doesn’t really offer much information regarding its manufacturing gives more credence to the various sources stating that Ooni pizza ovens are made in China. Usually, companies tend not to advertise manufacturing locations if they are carried out overseas.

History of Ooni Pizza Ovens

As mentioned, Ooni was born thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was established in 2012 and was the first company to offer a portable wood-fired pizza oven.

In a fairly short amount of time, Ooni has become an international giant selling various product lines to people all over the world.

The company has picked up a plethora of awards since 2012. Recently it was even named the Best Pizza Oven by WIRED.

History of Ooni Pizza Ovens


Ooni has partnered with several major retailers that now sell Ooni’s various lines of pizza ovens in countries all over the world.

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