Where Are Ariens Snow Blowers Made? (+Who Makes Them)


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The Ariens Company, also known as AriensCo, calls itself the ‘King of Snow’. They claim to have produced over 4 million snow blowers since the company started in 1933. Their range of products includes snow blowers, lawn mowers, finishing tools, and a wide range of parts. They also boast that they are the “mower of the White House lawn

Their snow blowers, parts for snow blowers, and other products can be bought from most of the big retailers, including Walmart and The Home Depot.

But, who makes Ariens snow blowers, and where are Ariens snow blowers made? After some research, you can read about what I found out.

Who Makes Ariens Snow Blowers?

According to their website, Ariens snow blowers are manufactured by the family-owned business located in Brillion, Wisconsin. However, after doing a little bit of digging, I found that like many other snow blowers, some of the parts used in the machines are likely not made in the USA. The engines in particular are one part I found quite a lot of information about.

Ariens snow blowers are fitted with different types of engines depending on the model. The first reference I found was a product page for an Ariens snow blower ignition key that mentions two-stage snow blowers with LCT, Liquid Combustion Technology engines. Another reference to Ariens snow blower engines was found in this article where it mentions Briggs & Stratton engines.

Apart from the engines, I did not find any specific info on who makes the other parts of the snow blowers. Looking at the website, Ariens has a massive production facility in Brillion, USA, employing hundreds of people. I am guessing that most of the parts are made there, and that the assembly of the snow blowers is likely also done there.

Where are Ariens Snow Blowers Made?

So, to answer the question – are Ariens snow blowers made in the USA – the answer looks like it is “partly, but not entirely”. For example, it appears that both LCT and Briggs & Stratton (who produce some of the engines they use) have manufacturers overseas.

The LCT website lists a Shanghai Office at 700 Yan An Road East, Room 2001, Shanghai, 200001, China, and states that they have “dedicated staff members in LCT owned Manufacturing Facilities”. That certainly sounds like they produce product in China, so the engines are likely produced there.

When it comes to Briggs & Stratton, they claim to be an all-American company. I found this article that backs up the fact they manufacture engine components in metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They also make engines in the USA at their plants in Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia. It also states that these plants together with a plant in China, support the demand from the Asian, European, and American markets.

Where Are Ariens Snow Blowers Made

History of Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens has a proud history that goes back to 1933. That was the year that Henry Ariens took his sons into his garage to show them his newly-made power-driven roto-tiller. The company started with 4 employees and today employs over 1500 people across the USA. The management team are still family members.

A special museum showcasing the evolution and growth of the company has been built at their production facility in Brillion, Wisconsin. It highlights the products, inventions, and technologies that built the brand.

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