Laptops Made in the USA (8 Brands)


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Laptops Made in the USA

Nowadays, laptops are everywhere! They have become a crucial part of most people’s lives. From work to play, we rely on our laptops on a daily basis.

But how much do we know about our laptops? Probably not enough! For example, did you know that most laptops are actually manufactured in Taiwan! It’s kind of crazy to think that the device you use was made halfway across the globe!

In this article, we’re going to look at some brands that still produce laptops made in the USA.

Laptops Made in the USA

Brands of Laptops Made in the USA

A lot of laptop manufacturers produce dozens of different models. And a single laptop in itself is made up of hundreds of components, making it very difficult to determine if any laptop is in fact 100% manufactured in the USA. But I did some digging to find brands that produce at least some of their product range in the USA with components mostly sourced from the US.

Here’s what I found.


Let’s start this list off with a tech giant! Apple was founded back in 1976 in California by Ronald Gerald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs. Since then, Apple has exploded into a tech powerhouse!

Now, unfortunately not all Apple products are made in America, but that’s the case with most tech companies, as there are so many individual components needed to make a laptop (as I mentioned a minute ago). Ultimately it’s often more efficient for them to outsource and import various laptop components than it is to manufacture them all themselves.

That being said, there are still numerous Apple laptops manufactured in the USA. The Macbook, Macbook Air, and the Macbook Pro are all manufactured in Texas. Although as previously mentioned, some components are sourced from other countries, mainly China.

Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest specializes in creating custom, high-end desktops, and laptops. They are not as large as the other companies on this list, but that’s because these guys mainly work with custom orders instead of mass manufacturing like other tech giants.

Founded back in 1992 by Kelt Reeves, Falcon Northwest has always tried to cater to individual needs by building custom models to ensure customer satisfaction. Falcon Northwest is located out in Medford, Oregon. This is where all of their computers are designed, assembled, and shipped out to their customers.

Falcon Northwest laptops are geared towards hardcore gamers, military personnel, and people in the scientific community. Needless to say, these are some incredibly advanced devices!


HP has a large server manufacturing plant with around 3000 employees, located out in Texas. They also have an assembly plant in Indianapolis. HP is one of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world! In the first quarter of 2022, HP sold more than 15.5 million units, making them the second most popular PC company in the world in terms of sales, only beaten by Lenovo.

HP manufactures a number of its laptops in the USA, including the Elitebook, Envy, Omen, ZBook, Spectre, Victus, Omnibook, Pavilion, and more! With an ever-growing demand for laptops and PCs, their range of laptops made in the USA is sure to grow.

HP is the oldest company on this list. Founded back in 1939, HP started life looking very different from how it looks today. Computers back in 1939 weren’t anything like what we see today. It was mainly massive industrial printers and machinery that the company produced. These units would take up so much space just to be able to perform what would now be considered menial tasks, such as printing.

Luckily, these days you don’t need an industrial-sized building to print a document! HP laptops are slim, lightweight, powerful, and are constantly getting more and more advanced as time goes on.


Lenovo may be considered a controversial one on this list, as it’s not an American company. Founded in Hong Kong back in 1988, Lenovo has since grown to become a major international computing company operating in more than 60 countries worldwide. Lenovo has two major headquarters, one in Beijing and one in North Carolina.

Although most Lenovo products aren’t made in the US, there is a small manufacturing plant in Whitsett, North Carolina with 320 employees. They manufacture a small percentage of ThinkPad and ThinkCentre laptops there, and are hoping to increase their output in the future.


Alienware is a subsidiary of the major computer company Dell. Founded back in 1996, Alienware specializes in gaming laptops. The parts for Alienware laptops are made in China, but they are assembled in Texas.

Some of the laptops assembled in the USA include the X15, X16 and the Area-51m R2. Alienware laptops aren’t produced in such vast quantities as they tailor their products to a niche market – gamers.


Since the previous entry was about Alienware, it seems only fair to talk about Alienware’s parent company, Dell.

Dell was founded back in 1984 in Austin by a man named Michael Saul Dell. Since then, Dell has become one of the world’s largest computing companies, pulling in a whopping $90.6 billion back in 2019.

Dell production and assembly plants are located all over the world. They have 76 offices in North America alone! Like most other computing companies, Dell outsources a lot of its manufacturing to other countries, primarily China, but they do manufacture a few of their laptop models in the USA. These include the G series, Vostro, XPS, Latitude, Precision, and as previously mentioned, some of the Alienware laptops.


A relatively new company, Eluktronics was started back in 2011. Founded by William Kiryluk, Eluktronics assemble and ship most of its products from within the USA. Operating out of multiple facilities between Delaware and Pennsylvania, Eluktronics creates high-performance gaming laptops and PCs.

Prometheus XVII, MAG-15, MECH-15 G3, and the MAX-17 are just some of the Eluktronics laptops that are made in the USA. Eluktronics take pride in being an American-made company and is doing its best to keep it that way!


To finish off this list we have DigitalStorm, a small boutique computer manufacturer located in California. They specialize in creating high-performance gaming PCs and laptops.

Founded back in 2002, DigitalStorm started life as a custom-build PC company. They have since transitioned to making their own, high-end gaming computers and laptops. They create, design, and manufacture pretty much everything, with very little being outsourced to other countries.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, as time has gone on and the laptop market has grown and become more competitive, companies are outsourcing a lot of the production and manufacturing to other countries, such as Taiwan, India, China and Japan. But as shown in this list, there are still some companies that have at least part of their manufacturing operation in the USA, and as the world grows more energy conscious, hopefully, that number will also start to grow.

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