USA Made Hammocks (I Found These 8 Options)


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USA Made Hammocks

Hammocks have always been a way of life in warm and tropical climates but a surprising number of companies manufacture quality hammocks in America. Whether they are for relaxing by the lake or river or for sleeping on long hiking trips, there is a diverse selection to choose from without giving up American quality.

USA Made Hammocks

Which Companies Sell Hammocks Made in America (The Short Answer)

After combing the internet, high and low, I found 8 different brands that still produce Hammocks in the USA. Those are Cobble Mountain Hammock Co., Chrysalis Hammocks, Deckhand Manufacturing, Grand Trunk, Nags Head Hammocks, Outer Banks Hammocks, Pawleys Island, and Yukon Outfitters. They range from basic rope models that you may have grown up with to ultra-lightweight hiking hammocks. Many of them are small brands if you want to go beyond supporting America and support small business.

American Made Hammocks (8 Brands to Choose From)

American quality is something people seek no matter what the product is. Whether it is heavy-duty machinery or just a way to relax and enjoy nature, you want something that is built to last. Overworked Americans often need a way to relax when they can escape the office and these hammocks all provide a unique way to do just that.

Cobble Mountain Hammock Co.

Cobble Mountain Hammock Co. was started in 1982 by local artisans in Vermont. They source all of their oak locally and sustainably and their rope is a custom blend made for them in Tennessee. Their production facility is located in a century-old bobbin mill in Corinth, Vermont. They are the largest employer in a town that could be considered a village.

Their style of hammocks makes them perfect for people that have difficulty getting in and out of a traditional hammock. They also are the only hammock product on this list that has a shelf below the hammock for storing blankets or other things you may need within reach.

Below is a link to their original model, which is a hammock chair designed for just one person. Hopefully, they will bring back the double-seater!

Original Hammock Chair

Crysalis Hammocks

If there is one word that perfectly describes these hammocks and the company as a whole it is whimsical. They sell their products at renaissance festivals, street shows, and markets all over the country and have done so since they started over 35 years ago. They hand weave and hand dye their hammocks and it is the only rope hammock I have ever seen that is available in tie-dye. These are hammocks that are meant to hang up inside or on your porch to enjoy a nice book or a nice cup of tea.

Terri Koithan started Crysalis Hammocks near Niagara falls but she moves with the festival schedule to sell her products in person. You can also buy online but there is no production facility as they are made on-site wherever the designer and her helpers go.

The hammocks only come in one style but dozens of colors and options so I put a simple link below so that you can see what is offered.

Crysalis Hammocks

Deckhand Manufacturing

Deckhand is just one man that turns out custom high-quality “web furniture” as he calls it. They are the only west coast producer on our list and are based in Bellingham, Washington. Mark D. Richardson was a deckhand starting at the age of 14 in 1964, and after he retired he realized that he was still obsessed with ropework so he established Deckhand Manufacturing in 1999. The hammocks that he creates are purely functional and feel more industrial than relaxing hammocks made by beach companies.

Any of the hammocks he creates would feel at home on a fishing dock or swinging from the sail of a boat.

I am listing both of the popular models that he makes. The fibers and copper rings that he uses are common on fishing vessels and are considered nearly indestructible.

The Cooper’s Cot

The Kayaker

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk goes far beyond just a hammock company, They started in 2001 as an adventure company in Salt Lake City. They have partnered with the National Forest Foundation to promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle and to support the National Forest Service. They are still based in and produce all of their products in Salt Lake, and their Hammocks are popular with long-distance hikers and outdoorsmen that need a lightweight sleeping solution.

Their products are all high quality and they back it up. 100% of their products come with a lifetime warranty that covers both regular wear and tear and unexpected damage.

I have listed what I believe to be their two most appealing hammocks if I had to stay outside in rain or shine (my own opinion). They will protect you from the rain, bugs, dampness, and anything that might want to cuddle up in your hammock with you for body warmth.

Air Bivy All Weather Shelter & Hammock

Skeeter Beeter

Nags Head Hammocks

Nags Head started off as many such companies do. A hippy lived on the beach and made hammocks by hand for himself and all of his friends nearby. By 1974 they converted an old cottage to a workshop and store at milepost 10.5 on the old beach road in Nags Head, North Carolina. They eventually moved their production facilities inland to Greenville, NC where they still produce 100% of their hammocks, chair swings, and other outdoor furniture.

They have kept their original target market in mind and make soft relaxing hammocks for beaches, porches, and shady areas out by the pool.

I listed some Hammockesque products below that are hammocks reimagined into something that may be a bit more relaxing for some.

Original Cumaru Rope Porch Swing

Large Sunbrella Echo Sangria Tufted Hammock with Detachable Pillow

Outer Banks Hammocks

Outer Banks hammocks has been manufacturing hammocks in America since 1972 and since the beginning, they have been made in the same shop in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. They make a wide range of hammocks unlike some of the other producers that focus on more niche markets.

By providing for every market that they can access, they have ensured themselves a very stable seat in the market. They produce a wide range of traditional yard hammocks, as well as specialty products for children, camping, and hanging nest-style hammocks

I have to list the kids’ hanging nest because I think it is one of the coolest things I have seen in the market, and I have also linked to a traditional high-quality, quick-dry hammock.

Orange Organic Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Alberca Quick Dry Hammock

Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island is one of the oldest players in the game for hammocks made in America and they have been around for 130 years. It is understandable when you see the climate on Pawleys Island, where a hammock is a perfect escape from the intensely muggy summer heat. Pawleys Island started when South Carolina riverboat captain Joshua John “Cap’n Josh” Ward made his own Hammock out of cotton rope in 1889.

Not much has changed in the last century and the company still produces most of its hammocks from cotton rope just like the original. They produce their own rope, wood, knots, metal, and all of the accessories needed on Pawleys Island not too far south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Below you can check out their original model and the most modern model that they offer, though there is no difference in quality between them.

Single Original Cotton Rope Hammock

Large Quilted Sunbrella Fabric Hammock

Yukon Outfitters

This is a new niche company that came in out of the blue during the economic recession in 2009. The idea arose when some friends were ill-prepared for extreme weather and rain during a hunting trip. Hikers, campers, hunters, and general outdoorsmen needed gear that could hold up to more extreme climates and this company provides the gear that can face any climate. They do not make hammocks for your yard and instead only focus on gear that is durable and ultralightweight.

Yukon Outfitters custom builds equipment to meet any extreme situation that you can throw at them, so even though they are not a major producer know that you are getting the highest quality gear. They produce all of their gear including hammocks in Alamo, Tennessee.

Below are the two models that they make that provide the most interest. The Freedom Hammock is lightweight and comes in a compression bag and the Vista hammock is available in a lot of different prints that makes it perfect for kids.

Freedom Hammock

Vista Hammock

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