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With global production and shipping costs rising, many range hood manufacturing companies have outsourced production to cheaper countries, often in east or southeast Asia. Although, there are still a few companies that do their manufacturing where they sell. In this article, I will help you sort through the options for American made range hoods.


Which Companies Sell Range Hoods Made In America? (The Short Answer)

After a lot of research, I found 8 different brands that still produce range hoods in the USA. Those are Bosch, Broan, Capital, Hestan, Imperial, KitchenAid, Summit, and Viking. They range from basic models to top-of-the-line to provide you with whatever you are looking for.

American Made Range Hoods (10 Brands to Choose From)

American quality is something that many people still look for in their appliances and I aim to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. With a wide price range and features to choose from there is sure to be something for everyone below.


Bosch was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886 but it did not take them long to realize the potential in the Italian market. On September 6, 1906, they incorporated a branch in New York and by 1908 they opened branches in Chicago, San Francisco, and Detroit. They hit the ground running to ensure they could corner the massive new market.

The old saying goes that you get what you pay for and Bosch knows that people will pay for quality. Their American made range hoods can be 10 times more than others that I include on this list but they are packed with features that people crave these days.

Two of the range hood models that Bosch makes in New Bern, NC and LaFolette, TN are:

Bosch DPH36652UC

Bosch DUH30252UC


Broan has been around since 1932 when it was started up by Henry Broan who invented the Motordor fan to efficiently remove smoke and steam from Kitchens. Broan is based in Hartford, Wisconsin where its office and 500,000 square-foot manufacturing facility employs 700 people.

Nowadays their range hoods are produced in different locations around the world but the majority are still produced in Wisconsin and California.

Although they are a very budget-friendly option, many of them come with noise-reducing features and very long life light bulbs. Some of the range hood models that Broan makes in America are:




Capital is one of the youngest companies that makes range and ventilation hoods. They were founded in 2001 as a grill company before expanding indoors into the kitchen. They released their first oven and stove in 2011 and by 2017 they were being used on Top Chef as the leading standard in cooking quality. Their range hoods are a work of art but may make your wallet cry. I personally love the look of these hoods.

All of their equipment is produced in City of Industry, CA. The style makes that city a fitting name. They are heavy-duty works of art. Industrial and classy at the same time.

Below I’ve linked to two of the range hood models that Capital makes that are the most artistic in my humble opinion. They manufacture range hoods up to 60 inches and they would be just as at home in a diner or industrial kitchen as your home.

Capital PSVH36HL

Capital PSVH30


Hestan is focused on commercial kitchens or home kitchens for top-of-the-line serious chefs. This is the kind of kitchen you dream about if souffles and 5-course meals are part of your repertoire.

Hestan was originally a vineyard owned by Stanley and his wife before launching into kitchens. They were founded in 2013 by Stanley Cheung who was the CEO of the Meyer Corporation. He dreamed of creating kitchens that could rival anything found in a European restaurant. Their range hoods are sleek and come in nearly any bright color you can imagine for a splash of color in your interior design.

All of their equipment is manufactured in Anaheim, CA in a 130,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes a showroom, test kitchen and warehouse.

Below are two of the range hood models that Hestan makes that could fit the personality of the most eccentric chef.

Hestan GVP54OR

Hestan GVP48TQ


Imperial is well established in America and began production in 1961 in a garage in the San Fernando Valley. 98% of the parts that they use for assembly are also sourced in America and they only source 2% of the parts that they need internationally. Imperial markets itself as a patriotic brand and their website even encourages other companies to follow suit and bring business back to America. 100% of their products are assembled at their 35000 square foot factory in Brea, California.

Imperial range hoods are a good middle-of-the-road product where quality meets conservative budget. They are not flashy but you get a good bang for your buck.

Below you can look at two of the range hood models that Imperial makes that would work in any modern kitchen. In a cost-to-value analysis, these are in the range that a lot of folks would find most appealing.

Imperial C2042PS1TWB8SS

Imperial C2030BPSS


Everyone knows that KitchenAid makes really fancy stand mixers with dozens of attachments that can do everything from make fresh pasta to grinding fresh meat to make sausage. They have apparently also snuck into the range hood market without much notice but they focus on specialty equipment as always. Many of their range hoods are downdraft designs which means you need to re-duct your kitchen to install it or make sure a new house is built to accommodate it.

KitchenAid launched in 1919 by producing the H5 stand mixer which was the first of its kind and shortly after they were used on warships by navy cooks to mass produce food for troops. They quickly pivoted to home use with the backing of their reputation that they gained from the US military. They have maintained that commitment to America and all of their range hoods are produced in Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Below are two of the more unique models that they made to give you a feel of what is possible in a kitchen.

KitchenAid KXD4636YSS

KitchenAid KVIB602DSS


Summit is made by Felix Storch Inc., who also produces Accucold products. FSI was founded in 1969 on Long Island in New York before expanding and buying a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in the Bronx. It is the only appliance manufacturer of its kind in the United States because its facilities are located within a city instead of in a distant industrial park. This reduces pollution caused as most of their employees arrive daily by public transportation.

Summit sits at the very wallet-friendly end of the spectrum for products and for that I am happy. Sometimes you just need good quality products that work. This is what they do and they focus on the day-to-day non-flashy products that people need for their kitchens. They produce 100% of their products in America and 100% of the components as well.

2 products that they produce that exemplify the durability and price consciousness of the company are linked to below. They are the only manufacturer here that makes range hoods down to 18 inches wide for kitchenettes and even tiny homes or small apartments.

Summit H1730B

Summit H1618SS


Viking is famous for fancy stoves and kitchen equipment which is not something you expect to be founded in the Mississippi delta in Greenwood, Mississippi but that is just what happened over 40 years ago. The history of Viking is a gradual buildup but Fred E. Carl, Jr. incorporated Viking on March 22, 1984, and after building 20 test models he began production in 1987.

Viking has a large facility that they built just north of Greenwood where they turn out some of the best kitchen equipment in the world. Their equipment lasts for decades and their range hoods are no different. Most of their products would feel right at home in a commercial kitchen so often the space needs to be designed to fit the equipment.

Here are a couple of the more unique models that they make in their US facility:

Viking VWH530121SS

Viking VWH560481SS

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