Underwear Made in Canada (Still A Thing?)


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We all need underwear! While I’m not going to go into detail, I’m sure every reader knows the importance of quality underwear! With so many companies choosing to manufacture overseas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find locally-made products. In this article, I’ll be looking at underwear made in Canada.


Companies That Sell Canadian Made Underwear – Are There Any? (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I found a handful of companies that manufacture underwear in Canada. They are Zinnia Textiles, Mary Young, Ode Lingerie and Econia.

Underwear Made in Canada (The 4 Brands I Found)

Now that we know which companies offer Canadian-made underwear let’s look at each one in more detail.

Zinnia Textiles

Zinnia Textiles is a fairly new company having only been established back in 2018. But already it is making big waves in the textile industry. The company manufactures a wide range of products from table runners and tea towels to jumpsuits and of course, underwear.

Zinnia Textiles focuses on producing handcrafted locally made products. Its products are made in small batches by highly trained employees ensuring that its garments are all made to the same high standard.

From what I understand, it looks like all of the company’s manufacturing is carried out at its facility in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. One thing I do know for sure is that its underwear is all Canadian-made.

Zinnia Textiles Underwear Made in Canada


The company only seems to offer underwear for women. But here’s a link to all of Zinnia Textiles’ women’s underwear. If you want a little extra help then I’ve got you covered! Here are some links to some of the company’s best-selling underwear.

Mary Young

Mary Young was founded in 2014 by a woman named Mary Young! It is a company that offers ethical Canadian-made garments. All of the company’s garments are produced at a facility located in Montreal, Canada.

Mary Young Underwear Made in Canada


All of Mary Young’s products are made using sustainable materials and its employees are all paid a living wage and work under great working conditions. So, if you are looking for a Canadian manufacturer with a passion for sustainability and fair treatment then Mary Young might just be the perfect company for you.

Here are some links to each of the company’s product categories related to underwear.

Ode Lingerie

Ode Lingerie was founded in a small studio in Amsterdam. In 2020 the company relocated to Vancouver, Canada. Today, the company manufactures all of its lingerie by hand at its Canadian-based facility.

Ode Lingerie Underwear Made in Canada


However, it is worth noting that the company’s lace comes from France. The reason for this is that France is home to quality lace makers. But aside from its lace, it looks like Ode Lingerie manufactures most if not all of its products in Canada.

Here are some links to Ode Lingerie’s underwear product categories.


Econia is a clothing company based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2008, it is a women-owned and operated company that is serious about fashion and sustainability. All of Econia’s products are made using sustainably sourced materials. This makes it a good choice for those looking for something comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly.

Econia’s manufacturing location can be found in Ontario, Canada. From what I understand, it looks like this is where most, if not all of the company’s manufacturing takes place.

Econia Underwear Made in Canada


Here’s a link to Econia’s underwear page for those wanting to take a closer look.

Honorable Mention

I came across a company that used to manufacture underwear in Canada. However, recently the owner shut down the business to focus on her family. It is unclear whether the company is closed for good or if it is more of a temporary thing. Here’s what I found.

Fortnight Lingerie

Fortnight Lingerie is a popular Canadian manufacturer. As mentioned above, recently, the company closed its doors so the owner could shift her focus onto her family. However, it isn’t clear whether this is a temporary thing or if it’s permanent. Here’s a link to the company’s product page, and here’s another showing the company’s goodbye message.

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