Solar Panels Made in Germany (Are There Any?)


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Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. As energy prices rise, people are looking for alternative ways to generate electricity. In this article, I’ll be finding out if there are any solar panels made in Germany.


Can You Buy German Made Solar Panels? (The Short Answer)

After doing plenty of digging, I couldn’t find a single company that reliably manufactures solar panels in Germany. However, I found a company that conducts some manufacturing in Germany. Here’s what I found.

Honorable Mentions

As mentioned, I found a company that conducts some manufacturing in Germany, but unfortunately, I couldn’t pinpoint which exact products were made in Germany.


Solarwatt is a well-known German solar panel manufacturer that was founded back in 1993. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality and affordable panels for those who are wanting to convert to using green energy.

While Solarwatt does design and tests all of its solar panels in Germany, it conducts manufacturing both overseas and in Germany. According to its company website, its products are partially manufactured in Dresden, Germany. It then goes on to say that it does manufacture select production lines abroad. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out much more than that regarding its manufacturing.

The only other thing I could find was a list of its subsidiaries, although it didn’t have much information regarding the manufacturing locations of specific panels, here’s a link.

Solarwatt Solar Panels Made in Germany


For those wanting to take a closer look at Solarwatt’s solar panels, here’s a link to its solar panel page. Also, here’s a link to its contact information, I’d recommend reaching out before making a purchase to enquire more about its manufacturing locations.

Solar Panels that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being German Made

There’s seemingly a lot of misinformation out there regarding German-made solar panels. It looks like people are confusing German-founded companies as being German manufacturers. Here’s what I found.

Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells is an international green energy company that operates in countries all over the world. While it does have a facility in Germany, It isn’t a manufacturing facility. The company manufactures its solar panels primarily in Qidong, China. It also has manufacturing facilities in other countries, but it looks like China is its main one.

Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panels Made in Germany


German Solar AG

German Solar AG is an international company that produces solar panels in countries all over the world. While it is a German-based company, I could find no evidence that it conducts any of its solar panel manufacturing within Germany. From what I was able to find, it looks like it assembles its products in various countries such as the USA, but its components are made in China.

German Solar AG Solar Panels Made in Germany


Munsterland Solar

Munsterland Solar is another German-based company that conducts its manufacturing overseas. As is the case with a few German solar panel companies, its manufacturing seems to be primarily carried out in China.

Munsterland Solar Panels Made in Germany


Munchen Solar

Munchen Solar is a German-based company that produces solar panels that it sells to consumers all over the world. However, it doesn’t look like the company conducts much if any of its manufacturing within Germany. It looks like the company’s main facilities are all located in China.

A Question For The Readers

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