Dog Harnesses Made in Canada (4 Options)


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Dog harnesses are an essential piece of equipment for any dog owner or dog walker. Many people wish to have dog harnesses manufactured in Canada because it is often better for the environment and provides great job opportunities for local people. Here is an article on dog harnesses made in Canada.


Brands That Sell Harnesses Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

Through some research on dog harnesses manufactured in Canada, I found four different companies. These four companies are Nahak, Canada Pooch, Woof Concept, and Canadian Canine Gear.


Nahak provides dog harnesses for casual dog walkers as well as harnesses for the more active dogs. Nahak has a range of different dog harnesses that suit the needs of all dog owners. The business owner currently has nearly twenty dogs and considers themselves to be an expert. Nahak was founded in 2015, creating excellent harnesses for different situations. The website even has a quiz to help you find the perfect harness for your dog.

All of Nahak’s harnesses are manufactured in Canada, using locally sourced fabrics. Its manufacturing facilities and production workshop is located in Laurier-Station, Quebec. As the environment is at the heart of the company, producing all the products in Canada with Canadian materials is what makes the dog harnesses high-quality.

Nahak Dog Harnesses Made in Canada

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Here is a list of Nahak’s most popular dog harnesses made in Canada.

Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch has been producing quality products for over 10 years. The founder and CEO Jacqueline Prehogan decided to create a coat for her dog to protect it from the harsh winter weather in Canada. Today, Canada Pooch has over 5,000 retail partners. This is credited to the comfortable, durable, and stylish dog harnesses produced by the company.

Canada Pooch is unique because it offers 15 different sizes to fit the many different dog breeds that are out there. Attention to the different sizing according to different dogs has made Canada Pooch a popular choice for dog harnesses.

As the company will not compromise on quality for your dog, the entire product line is manufactured in Canada. Canada Pooch believes this helps with maintaining sustainable practices whilst manufacturing the dog harnesses and other dog-related products.

Canada Pooch Dog Harnesses Made in Canada

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Below is a list of Canada Pooch’s Canadian-made dog harnesses.

Woof Concept

Woof Concept was founded in 2016 by Andy and Tracy, two dog enthusiasts that decided the pet industry did not offer enough quality for dog owners. Every product release aims to better the last as the business attempts to push all the boundaries and limitations in the industry.

Craftsmanship is a top priority for Woof Concept, being driven by art, music, and technology, the company is constantly inspired to produce high-quality dog harnesses. Woof Concept builds and sells products that dog owners can rely on as detail goes into every single product.

Woof Concept’s products are made with premium materials that guarantee only the best products. A lifetime warranty comes with every product and each item is handcrafted in Canada.

Woof Concept Dog Harnesses Made in Canada

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A list of some of Woof Concept’s Canadian-made dog harnesses is below.

Honourable Mentions

I found a couple of companies that may manufacture some products in Canada. However, I couldn’t find definitive proof of this. Here’s what I found.


Julius-K9® Canada is a Canadian-based dog harness brand that distributes its products all over Canada. The company is recognized for producing high-quality dog equipment and has become a large business in the pet industry.

But, as Julius-K9 expanded globally, so did its manufacturing process. Most of the parts sold are made in Europe, meaning that not every product sold by Julius-K9 is manufactured in Canada.

Julius-K9 Dog Harnesses Made in Canada

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Canadian Canine Gear

Canadian Canine Gear works hard to produce the best dog harness for dogs and the outdoors. The harnesses are suitable for winter trails, running, and hiking with your dog, making all of these activities easier.

After research, it proved difficult to discover where the manufacturing process took place for Canadian Canine Gear. Therefore it cannot be assumed that all the products are manufactured in Canada.

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