Rice Cookers Made in Germany (Are There Any?)


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When you think of Germany you probably think about beer and sausages, not rice cookers! Well, that’s what I’ll be looking into for this article. Let’s dive in and see if there are any rice cookers made in Germany.


Are There Any Rice Cookers Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

I was unable to find any rice cookers that are manufactured in Germany. However, I was able to find a handful of companies that people often mistake as being German made.

Rice Cookers that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being German Made


There wasn’t a lot of information about AFK, but here’s what I found. I came across a couple of websites selling AFK products using phrases like “made in Germany”.

After digging a little deeper, it turns out that AFK manufactures its products in China. This misinformation doesn’t seem to be coming from the company itself, but from third-party sites that are selling their products.


Gaabor was founded by Gabor Lorenz. He is a kitchen appliance expert from Germany, and this is where some confusion regarding the manufacturing location seems to come from.

The company produces a wide range of kitchen appliances, from air fryers and food processors to frying pans and rice cookers.

Gabor’s products are primarily made in China. The company does seem to have other manufacturing locations in other countries, but most of its products are made in China.

I came across several articles that said things like “based in Germany.” This seems a little misleading because although the company may have originated in Germany, its production is not carried out in Germany.


German Pool

Finishing off this list we have the confusingly named brand German Pool. This company was founded in 1982 by Edward Kwok Man Chan. This company wasn’t founded in Germany as one might think. Instead, the company was born out of Hong Kong.

According to the company’s website. “German Pool shares the same mindset with German experts.” This could be where some of the confusion comes from. Combining statements like the one above with the company’s name, it’s easy to see why people mistake this company for being a German manufacturer.

As for manufacturing, most of the company’s production occurs in various facilities dotted around Hong Kong, Macao, and the Guangdong Area in China.

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