Hair Dryers Made in Italy (6 Brands)


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Hair dryers are popular personal care appliances that hundreds of millions of people worldwide use regularly. That said, most hair dryer owners don’t know where their hair dryers are manufactured. In this article, I’ll clear things up by looking at hair dryers manufactured in Italy.


Which Brands Sell Hair Dryers Made in Italy? (The Short Answer)

After spending some time looking at hair dryers, I found a handful of companies that manufacture hair dryers in Italy. They are Parlux, Cerroti, BaByliss Pro, ETI World, Elchim, and GAMA.

Italian-Made Hair Dryers (Check These Brands Out)

Now that we have our Italian hair dryer manufacturers, let’s take a closer look at each company.


Parlux was founded in 1977 in Corsico, Italy. It is known all around the world as a high-quality hair dryer manufacturer and sells its products to over 60 countries worldwide. The company exclusively manufactures hair-based appliances, meaning 100% of Parlux’s attention is given to designing high-quality hair products.

It is a proud Italian company that manufactures all of its hair dryers at its factory located in Trezzano Sul Naviglio, Milan, Italy. The company has manufactured over 16 million hair dryers at this location.

Parlux Hair Dryers Made in Italy


Parlux goes to great lengths to educate customers about its hair dryers. It has a guide on its website showing customers how to tell a real Parlux product apart from a fake one. Unfortunately, since it’s a highly sought-after brand, there are fraudsters out there who manufacture knock-off Parlux products. Parlux recommends getting in touch if you have any doubts about the hair dryer that you are looking at.

It won’t come as much of a surprise, but Parlux has received numerous awards over the years for its hair dryers. The awards include Product Of Excellence Awards, Best Beauty Buys Awards, Your Hair Awards, and more. Here’s a link to all of the company’s awards and accolades.

As for its products, Parlux has an extensive range of hair dryers. This includes the following.


Ceriotti was founded in 1977. It is a hair dryer company that manufactures its products in Italy. Its headquarters is located in Milan and 100% of its manufacturing takes place in Italy.

Ceriotti Hair Dryers Made in Italy


Ceriotti’s hair dryers are used by professional salons all over the world. These hair dryers are designed and built to such a high standard that they are considered some of the best hair dryers on the market.

The company has a great selection of hair dryers. They include the following.

BaByliss Pro

BaByliss Pro is a part of the BaByliss company. BaByliss was founded in 1961 in Paris, France. It is a brand that is well known for its high-quality hair care products. It sells hair dryers to people and businesses all over the world.

Since BaByliss is such a large company, its products are manufactured in facilities all over the world. But it seems like the vast majority of BaByliss Pro hair dryers are manufactured in Italy. Here are a few of BaByliss Pro’s Italian-made hair dryers.

BaByliss Pro has received numerous awards for its high-quality hair dryers. This includes a Plus X Award, InStyle Best Beauty Award, and more.

ETI World

ETI World was founded in 1979. It’s focused on producing electrical hair care products since its inception. ETI World was the first company to produce a transparent hair dryer, this was back in 1994.

Since then it has continued to grow and expand to become a giant in the hair care world. It is an Italian-based company that manufactures its products in Italy.

ETI World Hair Dryers Made in Italy


ETI World’s hair dryers are aimed toward professional use. Its products are used by hair salons all over the world. That being said, these hair dryers are available for consumer use too.

These hair dryers are a little more expensive than your standard hair dryer, but that’s because they are built to such a high standard and they are very reliable, so you won’t need to buy another hair dryer for a very long time, if ever.

As for its products. As you can probably imagine, ETI produces a wide range of hair dryers, so instead of listing a couple of its products below, here’s a link to the company’s product page.


Elchin has been manufacturing hair dryers and other hair-related products since 1945. The company is based in Milan, this is where its headquarters is located. It has three production facilities dotted around Italy, and 100% of Elchim’s manufacturing takes place in Italy.

Elchim Hair Dryers Made in Italy


Elchim is renowned for its professional hair dryers. Each hair dryer is designed to be long-lasting and incredibly efficient. Professional hairdressers use Elchim’s products in countries all over the world.

But Elchim’s products aren’t just for professionals, anyone can purchase an Elchim hair dryer. Here are a few of Elchim’s Italian-made hair dryers.

The company is no stranger to receiving awards. It has amassed a multitude of awards for its products over the years. This includes a Golden Compass, Best Hair dryer Awards, and many more.


Finishing off our list we have GAMA. GAMA was founded in San Pietro in Casale in 1969. It has grown over the years and it now operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company manufactures its products in Italy, China, Brazil, and Argentina.

Usually, with companies that manufacture products across multiple countries, it can be difficult to find out which products are made where. This isn’t the case with GAMA as it states which of its products are made in Italy on its website.

GAMA Hair Dryers Made in Italy


For those wanting a closer look at some of GAMA’s Italian-made hair dryers, here’s a link to the company’s product page. For those looking for a little extra help, here are a few of the company’s Italian-made hair dryer products.

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