Flashlights Made in Japan (Do They Exist?)


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Most people own at least one flashlight. Whether it’s for emergencies or you use it regularly, flashlights are pretty important, they can even save lives. That being said, most people don’t know where their flashlights are made. In this article, I’ll find out if there are any flashlights made in Japan.


Are There Any Companies That Offer Flashlights Made in Japan? (The Short Answer)

Japanese flashlights are a lot harder to get hold of than you might think. I was able to find one brand that produces some of its products in Japan. That brand is Gentos.

A Japanese-Made Flashlight Brand (What I Found)

Now that we have our Japanese flashlight company, let’s take a look at it in a little more detail.


Gentos is a Japanese flashlight company that was founded in 1978. In 2001, the company introduced a new range of flashlights that used white LEDs. By doing this, its flashlights became brighter and more efficient, and they last a lot longer than your standard non-LED flashlight.

One thing that sets Gentos apart from other flashlight manufacturers out there is just how much testing goes into producing its products. Waterproof testing, dust-proof testing, cable durability testing, and more. Gentos goes into great detail regarding its testing processes on its website.

To help customers select the perfect flashlight, each product is clearly labeled to show its light output in lumens, its average runtime, beam distance, water resistance, and more. This makes choosing the perfect flashlight much easier.

Gentos Flashlights Made in Japan


Finding Gentos’ manufacturing location proved to be quite the challenge. At first glance, it looks like Gentos manufactures all of its flashlights in Japan. But this isn’t entirely the case. The company has roots in Thailand.

The full company name is Gentos (Thailand) CO. LTD. After following this name I came across a facility in Chonburi, Thailand. It looks like this could be one of the company’s manufacturing centers.

That being said, the company also has three facilities located in Japan. So, while some of its products are made in Japan, some of them are also made in Thailand.

Before purchasing a Gentos flashlight, I’d recommend reaching out and contacting the company directly to ensure that the product you are interested in is made in Japan. Here’s a link to the company’s flashlight page. Also, here’s a link containing all of Gentos’ contact information.

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