Filing Cabinets Made in the USA (What My Research Turned Up)


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filing cabinets made in usa

Most people own at least one filing cabinet. With there being such a high demand for filing cabinets, the market has become flooded with cheaply made foreign products that don’t last more than a couple of years. In this article, I’ll be looking at quality filing cabinets made in the USA.


Which Brands Sell Filing Cabinets Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search for American made filing cabinets, I found 6 companies that produce them. They are Barker Cabinets, FireKing, Urban Natural, Home Wood Furniture, Boltz, and Foothills Amish Furniture.

American Made Filing Cabinets (Here’s What My Research Turned Up)

Now that we know which companies offer filing cabinets manufactured in the USA let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Barker Cabinets

Barker Cabinets produces American-made and sourced customizable units. While it primarily focuses on cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom, it does also produce some filing cabinets.

The company was founded in 1978 and since its inception, it has been producing its cabinets in the USA. It operates a manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon. It clearly states on the company’s website that it doesn’t outsource any of its production. So, if you buy from Barker Cabinets then you are guaranteed to receive an American-made filing cabinet.

Barker Cabinets Filing Cabinets Made in USA


Barker Cabinets’ products are all designed to be easily assembled at home. To make things even easier, Barker Cabinet has easy-to-follow assembly instructions for each of its products on its website.

As mentioned above, the company primarily focuses on kitchen and bathroom units but it does offer at least one type of American-made filing cabinet. Here’s a link to it.


FireKing is a filing cabinet manufacturer that has been going strong since it was founded back in 1951. It is a proud American company, and it is the number 1 fire-rated storage unit manufacturer in the entire USA.

As for its manufacturing, all of its classic file cabinets are manufactured in the USA. They also come with a limited, lifetime warranty. So, if you want an American-made filing cabinet that comes with a lifetime warranty, then FireKing may just be the perfect company for you.

FireKing Filing Cabinets Made in USA


As you can imagine, with it being a company that focuses on manufacturing filing cabinets, it has lots of options to choose from. Here’s a link to its filing cabinet product page. Just be sure to check for the ‘Made in the USA’ logo in the product description.

If you want a little extra help then here are some links to a few of its specific models of American-made filing cabinets.

Urban Natural

Urban Natural is a company that focuses on producing handcrafted, sustainably sourced, American-made furniture for people all over the US. As mentioned on its website, companies that conduct manufacturing overseas have a much larger carbon footprint when compared to companies that produce products locally.

By manufacturing products locally, Urban Natural is able to keep a low carbon footprint while also stimulating the local community by hiring local workers to produce its furniture.

Urban Natural Filing Cabinets Made in USA


Urban Natural is very proud of its products. Everything the company produces is made to last as long as humanly possible. It uses solid wood to manufacture its filing cabinets. This ensures that the units are strong and sturdy.

Here are a few of Urban Natrual’s American-made filing cabinets for those wanting to take a closer look.

Home Wood Furniture

Home Wood Furniture is a company that specializes in producing handcrafted heirloom furniture pieces for people all over the USA. It is a family-owned and operated company and it was founded in August of 2005.

Home Wood Furniture Filing Cabinets Made in USA


All of the employees at Home Wood Furniture are highly skilled craftsmen and women that work hard to produce high-quality American-made furniture pieces to suit all tastes and styles. Home Wood Furniture operates a manufacturing facility in Meadville, Pennsylvania, this is where all of its products are made.

Here’s a link to all of Home Wood Furniture’s filing cabinet products. For those wanting a little extra helping hand, here are a few of its popular models for you to check out.


Boltz was founded in 1998. It is a company that’s committed to manufacturing home furniture pieces in the USA. The company offers a wide array of furniture, from kitchen and bathroom furniture to bedroom and office units.

According to the company’s official website, Boltz proudly manufactures its modern steel furniture in the USA. Also, the majority of its other products are also made in America too. It’s worth noting that it does rely on overseas production for some of its products. But, I’ll be focusing on its American-made filing cabinets.

Boltz Filing Cabinets Made in USA


Here are a few of Boltz’s American-made filing cabinets.

Foothills Amish Furniture

Foothills Amish Furniture is a fairly well-known furniture company based in the USA. It offers a wide array of quality handmade units for the bedroom, dining room, living room, and office.

The company manufactures its products between two facilities. One in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and another in Indiana. All of the company’s products are produced in the USA. So, if you buy from Foothills Amish Furniture then you are guaranteed to receive an American-made product.

Foothills Amish Furniture Filing Cabinets Made in USA


Here are some of Foothills Amish Furniture’s filing cabinets for those wanting to take a look.

A Question For The Readers

I came across a couple of other companies that may produce file cabinets in the USA. However, I struggled to find concrete proof. If there are any readers out there who know of any other companies that belong on the list above then get in touch via the comment section below.

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