Duffel Bags Made in the USA (10 Brands)


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duffle bags made in usa

Duffel bags are great for travel, storage, carrying sports equipment, and much more. Chances are, most people own at least one duffel bag. If you are looking to buy a new duffel bag made in the USA, then I’ve got you covered.


Are There Any Duffel Bags Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

After a lot of research, it turns out there’s no shortage of options when it comes to American made duffel bags. Here are 10 for you to check out. American Made Bags,  Korchmar, Frost River, Bad Bags, Mountain Ridge Gear,  Bradley Mountain, Cinda B, Fire Force USA, Flowfold, and Lifetime Leather.

American Made Duffel Bags (List of US Manufacturers I Found)

Now that we know which companies offer American made duffel bags, let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

American Made Bags

American Made Bags is a company that specializes in producing American made bags, but you have probably already figured that out because of its name! It offers a wide array of bags such as tote bags, fanny packs, and of course, duffel bags.

The company is located in Akron, Ohio. It is here that the company produces its wide range of bags. The company has manufactured bags for a wide range of companies such as Walt Disney and The American Federation Of Teachers.

American Made Bags Made in USA


All of American Made Bags’ products come in a wide range of colors and styles. Here are a few of its duffel bag lines for you to take a look at.


For more than 100 years, Korchmar has been producing handmade leather goods. According to the company’s website, all its products are made using only the finest materials such as quality leather, solid brass, and wax-infused canvas.

The company is very open regarding its manufacturing locations. Not all of Korchmar’s products are made in the US. It also owns and operates a manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic.

Korchmar Duffel Bags Made in USA


Luckily, the company clearly labels its American made products. At the time of writing this article, Korchmar offers one American made duffel bag. It is the Twain.

Frost River

Frost River has a long history of handcrafting quality goods. Its roots can be traced back over 250 years and multiple generations. According to the company’s website, it carries the tradition of genuine craftsmanship to make reliable softgoods for the modern-day explorer.

Frost River is a proud American manufacturer. It operates a manufacturing facility in Duluth, Minnesota. Not only is this facility a manufacturing location, but it also acts as the company’s store. Customers are encouraged to stop by to see how Frost River produces its various product lines.

Frost River Duffel Bags Made in USA


Here are a few of Frost River’s American made duffel bags for you to take a look at.

Bad Bags

Bad Bags got its start in the early 90s. It is most well-known for producing quality bags that can last in some of the most hostile situations. It is a brand favored by people who love to go on outdoor excursion as the bags are incredibly durable.

The company is very proud of its manufacturing. All of its duffel bags are made at the company’s facility in Seattle, Washington.

Bad Bags Made in USA


Here’s a link to Bad Bags’ duffel bag product page. If you want to go straight to some of its duffel bag models then check out the bags below.

Mountain Ridge Gear

Mountain Ridge Gear is a company that offers 100% American made hunting bags and gear for people all over the US. The company was founded in 2009 and it has become one of America’s leading outdoor bag manufacturers.

As mentioned, 100% of the company’s bags are made in the USA. Mountain Ridge Gear’s manufacturing facility is located in Peyton, Colorado. It is here that all of its products are made.

Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bags Made in USA


Here are a few of Mountain Ridge Gears’ American made duffel bags for those wanting to take a look for themselves.

Bradley Mountain

Founded in 2012, Bradley Mountain is a company that specializes in American made mountain gear. Its products vary from jackets and wallets to knives and bags. Bradley Mountain is a proud American manufacturer, and it keeps the majority of its production within the US.

The company is based in Columbia, Tennessee. Here, the company produces its various lines of products. Also, this facility has a coffee bar and retail shop for customers to come and visit. For more information about the company, check this out.

Bradley Mountain Duffel Bags Made in USA


While it does seem like the company manufactures all of its products in the US, I wasn’t able to find definitive proof of this. That said, its USA made products are clearly labeled. Here are a couple of Bradley Mountain’s American made duffel bags.

Cinda B

Cinda B was launched in 2004. The company takes local manufacturing very seriously. The founder, Cinda Boomershine wanted to create a brand that offers quality locally-made products for people all over the US. Looking at the company today, it looks like she has more than accomplished that.

All of Cinda B’s bags are designed and sewn by the company’s team of experts in Fort Wayne, Indiana. According to the company’s official website, 100% of its products are made in the USA.

Cinda B Duffel Bags Made in USA


Here are a few of Cinda B’s duffel bags for you to check out.

Fire Force USA

Fire Force USA is a little different from the other companies on this list. It offers military-grade bags and tactical gear for everyday consumers. Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t have much information regarding its manufacturing location other than the phrase ‘Made in USA’ in each product description.

However, despite not knowing exactly which state it conducts its manufacturing in, it clearly states that its products are made at a state-of-the-art factory in the USA. Each product is produced by dedicated craftsmen who work hard to produce tactical gear that is designed to last.

Fire Force USA Duffel Bags Made in USA


Here’s a link to Fire Force USA’s full range of duffel bags. If you want a little extra help, check out some of its specific models below.


Flowfold is a Maine-based company that offers wallets, backpacks, totes, duffel bags, and much more. The company is renowned for its quality manufacturing and local production. It was founded in 2010 and it has managed to cement itself as a reliable producer of products that are both lightweight and strong.

Flowfold Duffel Bags Made in USA


As mentioned, Flowfold is based in Maine. In 2016, the company upgraded to a larger facility in Gorham, Maine. From what I understand, it looks like this is where all of the company’s manufacturing takes place.

Here are a couple of Flowfold’s duffel bags.

Lifetime Leather

Finishing off this list we have Lifetime Leather. It is a family owned business that was founded in 2011. It specializes in crafting authentic American leather products. According to Lifetime Leather’s website, its products are ‘guaranteed for life’.

The company’s base of operations is located in Arizona. It is here that every step of its manufacturing takes place. From the cutting to the sewing, it all happens under one roof.

Lifetime Leather Duffel Bags Made in USA


At the time of writing this article, Lifetime Leather offers two types of duffel bags. They are as follows.

Leather Duffel Bags Made in the USA

Looking for an American made leather duffel bag? Well, I’ve got you covered. Check these out.

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