Dishwashers Made in Australia (Can You Get Them?)


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If you live in the land down under, you might be wondering what kind of appliances you can buy that will support your local economy. Unfortunately, you’ll have no choice but to look elsewhere if you are in the market for a dishwasher. There are no companies that currently produce dishwashers in Australia. In this article, I’ll tell you about the companies which seem like they might produce their dishwashers at first glance, but actually do not.


Which Companies Sell Dishwashers Made in Australia (The Short Answer)

I’ve looked into things and it appears that there are several companies that you might mistakenly believe produce dishwashers in Australia. Three of the most important companies to cover are GSM Retail, Shriro Australia, and Kmart Australia.

These Companies Will Not Suit Your Needs

Let’s examine each of these companies in more detail.

GSM Retail

This company was founded in 1993 and is responsible for producing electrical appliances. GSM Retail is currently owned by Gerard Private Holdings Pty Ltd, which itself is an Australian company. It is headquartered in South Australia, and it manufactures products under eight brands: Mistral, Bellini, Chief, Magnavox, Ringgrip, Gardenglo, Taller, and Linda.

Upon examining these, I found that dishwashers are produced and sold under the Bellini brand name. You might think that these dishwashers would be produced in Australia, since GSM Retail is both owned and operated there, but unfortunately that simply isn’t the case.

Bellini dishwashers are apparently manufactured in China, although I was not able to track down the precise location of the manufacturing plant.

Shriro Australia

Shriro Holdings Ltd describes itself as “a leading Kitchen Appliances and Consumer Products marketing and distribution group operating in Australia and New Zealand”. They produce a full range of kitchen appliances under three separate brands, including ovens, range hoods, cooktops, microwaves, and dishwashers.

Shriro’s headquarters are located in Chatswood, New South Wales. The company owns and operates five logistics centers within Australia, but despite this and the fact that it is headquartered in Australia, it seems all of its dishwashers are produced elsewhere.

I have found multiple sources which indicate that Shriro’s dishwashers are produced in China, regardless of brand. It seems that the Everdure dishwashers, in particular, are produced by Midea. Midea is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturing company based in Foshan, China.

Kmart Australia

I was surprised to learn that Kmart is an Australian company! The company was founded in 1969, and despite being past its heyday, Kmart continues to operate 323 stores across Australia and New Zealand. As one would expect, the headquarters are of course also located in the region–specifically in Melbourne, Australia.

I was unable to find a source for dishwashers, specifically, but I was able to find multiple sources that caution “virtually all” of Kmart’s products are produced in China. Buyers, beware! If you are looking for an Australian-made brand, you almost certainly want to look elsewhere, no matter what kind of product you want to buy.

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