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We have all experienced frigid winters, unless you are one of the lucky people who live somewhere tropical! When it gets cold, there is nothing better than having a LONG soak in a very hot tub, and that is exactly why Canadians know how to make a good tub. There is nothing better than being able to knock the chill off after a long day outside. Let’s have a look at what Canada has to offer in the bathtub market.


Which Companies Sell Bathtubs Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After wandering around the internet and getting stuck down a rabbit hole or two, I found 4 different brands that still produce bathtubs in Canada. Those are Acritec, Altrek, MAAX, and Valley Acrylic Bath. Each of the companies on this list is special because of their approach to the market or the unique tubs that they can provide. This is an amazing cross-section of what can be seen as a very niche market.

Canadian-Made Bathtubs (4 Brands to Choose From)

Canadian manufacturers often mirror the overall Canadian market. Boutique and family-owned businesses are much more prevalent than in America or Asia where things are much more likely to be controlled by giant conglomerates.

Because of this, I think that Bathtubs manufactured in Canada are more specialized to their markets. Each company fills a slightly different niche since each one is not trying to sell a hundred million products a year. Publicly traded companies often lose their personal touch while chasing profits.

Many of the companies that I found while digging around the internet seem to have a large market share but very minimal information about them online. One of them even has a defunct website even though their products are still available at several retailers.


The first company on my list, Acritec was founded in 1984 by two brothers and it is owned and operated by the original family, with a small contingent of around 50 employees. With such a small workforce, I was a bit surprised to learn that they have more than one location. In fact, they have two, although I was unable to ascertain where precisely those locations are.

Canadian companies are mysteriously private about private or even corporate information because their privacy laws are based on the British rather than the American model.

Acritec makes a broad range of high-end bathtubs as well as meeting the demand of the mass market that wants something functional without hurting the wallet too much. Below I have listed two tubs that I think make an interesting juxtaposition. They have a historic clawfoot tub and a modern take on a tub the same shape.

Acritec does not sell their products directly and you have to get them from a third-party vendor which can make getting a price for one a bit tricky, as each company will tack on their own markup to the price.

Victorian 67 | Clawfoot Bathtubs

Justina | Freestanding Composite Bathtubs


Altrek Bathubs Made in Canada

Another 80s company! Altrek has been in business since being founded in 1986 by Robert Rourke and his wife. Just like Acritec, it is family owned and operated. The company is currently headquartered in Okotoks, Alberta, and manufactures more than 70 product models which are only distributed throughout western Canada.

Altrek is a small local company that focuses on quality over quantity and all of its tubs are manufactured with a gel coating over heavy-duty reinforced fiberglass to ensure a sanitary durable surface that will last for a long time.

Below I have listed 2 of their tubs, one of them being a skirted tub which is low profile and the other being a tub with a fully incorporated alcove surround for a more guaranteed waterproof seal. The second option is the safest option for children in my opinion.

AF – Monaco 30

AT – Plaza


MAAX Bathubs Made in Canada

This is one of the larger companies I was able to find. MAAX employs around 1,300 people, and instead of having only one or two manufacturing locations like many other companies on this list, MAAX has eight!

I was unable to find precise locations for all of them, but I did find references to manufacturing plants in British Columbia, Quebec, and the United States. Whether that is where all of their manufacturing facilities are located, or whether there are additional locations, I cannot say.

MAAX is partnered with Well Made Here (Bien Fait Ici), a non-profit organization founded in 2018 which promotes locally manufactured products in Canada. MAAX is also part of the American Bath Group. They are proud of the products that they produce locally and display it on each product that you can purchase online or in showrooms.

Below I have listed 3 of their tubs that each play to a different market. The first is a freestanding centerpiece. The second is a small corner tub for an open bathtub and the last one is an alcove tub similar to what you find in older homes. Each of them has its place and own design style.

Fontana 58 x 32 AcrylX Freestanding Center Drain Bathtub in White with White Skirt

ModulR 6032 (With Armrests) Acrylic Corner Left Left-Hand Drain Bathtub in White

Rubix Access 6030 Acrylic Alcove Left-Hand Drain Bathtub in White

Valley Acrylic Bath

Founded in 2008, Valley Acrylic Bath is another very small company. As far as I can tell, they seem to have fewer than 30 employees! Information is scarce, which is why I can’t say that with any more certainty than I have.

They are headquartered in Mission, British Columbia. Their sole manufacturing plant is located in the same city. I was unable to find any information to support (or refute) this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if their headquarters and manufacturing facility were located in the same building.

Valley Acrylic is a female-owned and run company which makes it truly unique in the field. Although women are statistically more likely to use tubs, I have never seen another example of them owning and running a company to mass produce them.

Valley Acrylic Bath is partnered with Urban Impact, which provides customized recycling services in the Vancouver and Calgary regions, and also with CIPEC (Canadian Industry Partnership for Conservation), an organization which exists to help companies cut costs, improve energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With a boutique company like this, you usually find somewhat unique products and this company definitely fits this mold. They make “undermounted” tubs that feel similar to modern kitchen sinks, and their quirkiest product is a freestanding tub that is shaped like a stiletto high-heel shoe. It even comes with a waterfall tap from the upper part of the shoe.

I have listed an example of both of these interesting options below.



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