American Made Jeans (10 Brands That Do Them)


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american made jeans

Jeans are incredibly popular with people all over the world. Unfortunately, most jeans are produced in countries like Bangladesh and China. Usually, this is done to reduce costs and increase production. This can be devastating to local communities as well as being quite damaging to the environment. In this article, I’ll be looking at jeans made in the USA.


Which Brands Sell American Made Jeans? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search for American made jeans, I found lots of companies that produce them. Here are 10 of them – Imogene + Willie, Texas Jeans, Railcar Fine Goods, American Giant, Loup, Round House Jeans, Detroit Denim, Brave Star Selvage, Bullet Blue’s Custom Apparel, and Parker Smith.

USA Made Jeans (I Found These 10 Options)

Now that we know which companies offer American made jeans, let’s look at each one in more detail.

Imogene + Willie

What started as a small jean manufacturing business has quickly grown to become an internationally known brand. Imogene + Willie is a Tennessee-based company that focuses on producing small-batch jean products all within the USA.

The company operates a manufacturing facility in Nashville, Tennessee, this is where all of its products are made. Imogene + Willie are proud to be American manufacturers and the owners have no intention of changing their production location any time soon. For more about Imogene + Willie’s production, check this out.

Imogene + Willie Jeans Made in USA


As you have probably guessed, Imogene + Willie has lots of jean-based products for you to choose from. Here’s a link to all of the company’s jeans. If you want a little helping hand then here are a couple of links that you may find useful.

Texas Jeans

With a name like Texas Jeans, it will come as no surprise to learn that this company is a proud American manufacturer. The company has been going strong for over 45 years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Texas Jeans’ products are made to last. They are used by people who work in tough industries such as the logging industry. Needless to say, these jeans are built to withstand harsh conditions.

Texas Jean’s clothing is all made at a facility in Asheboro, California. Not only are the company’s jeans manufactured in the USA, but they are made using 100% American made denim.

Texas Jeans Made in USA


Here are a few of the company’s jeans for you to take a look at.

Railcar Fine Goods

Railcar Fine Goods was founded by Steven Dang in 2010. The company offers everything from tops and shirts to shorts and, of course, denim jeans. It also offers a selection of personal care products.

According to the company’s official website, all of its denim clothing is produced in-house at the company’s workshop. Its workshop is located in El Monte, California. So, if you buy from Railcar Fine Goods then you are guaranteed to receive American made jeans.

Railcar Fine Goods Jeans Made in USA


Here are a handful of links to some of Railcar Fine Goods’ jean categories that you may find useful.

American Giant

American Giant is a fairly well-known clothing company having been founded in 2012. While it doesn’t have a particularly long history, it has already established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality jeans.

While I am unsure whether or not all of American Giant’s products are American made, I can confirm that a large number of its jeans are manufactured in the US. More specifically, American Giant manufactures its American made jeans at a facility in Los Angeles, California.

American Giant Jeans Made in USA


American Giant has a fairly large selection of American made jeans to choose from. Here’s a link to the company’s entire jean range.


Loup is a fairly small American business. But despite its small size, it has picked up a reputation for being a company that offers quality American made jeans. The company’s specialty is women’s American made clothing.

Loup produces all of its products at its workshop in New York. It is also possible to go and see the place in person. Here’s a link with the information about paying the company a visit.

Loup Jeans Made in USA


The company offers a wide range of women’s clothing from t-shirts and tops to dresses and jeans. Here are a few of Loup’s American made jeans for those wanting to take a closer look.

Round House Jeans

Round House Jeans is over 100 years old having been founded in 1903. According to its website, it is the oldest manufacturer in Oklahoma. The company is very proud of its roots. In fact, it has a whole section on its website dedicated to its rich history. You can check out Round House Jeans’ history page here.

Round House Jeans only sells American made products. On almost every page of the company’s website, it clearly states that its clothing is all American made. Round House Jeans manufactures most if not all of its products at a facility in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Round House Jeans Made in USA


Round House Jeans’ products have been featured in numerous tv shows and films such as How I Met Your Mother and Friends. Here’s a link to the company’s American made jeans.

Detroit Denim

Detroit Denim is a American jean manufacturer. The company works hard to minimize waste and maximize quality. All of its products are sustainably made using only the finest materials. Detroit Denim’s manufacturing takes place solely within the USA.

As you may have guessed by the company’s name, Detroit Denim works out of a facility in Detroit, and this is where all of its jeans are made.

Detroit Denim Jeans Made in USA


If you want to check out the jeans that they offer here’s a link to Detroit Denim’s US jean page where you can browse the different styles that they offer.

Brave Star Selvage

Brave Star Selvage was established in 2005. For a while, the company was sold to a major apparel conglomerate. However, as of 2013 the company was repurchased by the founder, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, Brave Star Selvage now conducts its manufacturing within the USA.

The company operates a facility in Downtown Los Angeles. It is here that its production takes place. For more about the company’s manufacturing and history, check this out.

Brave Star Selvage Jeans Made in USA


Brave Star Selvage has a wide range of jeans for you to choose from. Here are some links to a few of the company’s jean product categories.

Bullet Blue’s Custom Apparel

Bullet Blue’s Custom Apparel is a company that offers American made jeans with American sourced material. It does also seem to source some of its materials from overseas, but its American sourced materials are clearly labeled. The company is based in Coral Springs, Florida. It also has a facility in Los Angeles.

Bullet Blue’s Custom Apparel Jeans Made in USA


As mentioned, each of Bullet Blue’s Custom Apparel’s American made products are clearly labeled in the product name and description. Here’s a link to all of the company’s jeans for those wanting to take a look.

Parker Smith

Parker Smith is both the name of the brand and the name of the individual who produces them. Parker Smith has been manufacturing fit-focused denim jeans since 2014. Her workshop is located in the heart of LA.

Parker Smith Jeans Made in USA


Despite being a fairly small company, Park Smith has a decent selection of jeans to choose from. Here’s a link to the company’s entire range. If you want a little extra helping hand, then here are a few specific models for you to check out.

Honorable Mention

I came across one very well-known company that does manufacture its jeans in the USA. However, it uses imported fabrics to produce its products so it gets an honorable mention.

Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton first opened its doors in 2005. It is a Manhattan-based company that focuses on producing quality, locally-made clothing. Over the company’s tenure, it has expanded to cover all 50 states. It has also recently started branching out to sell products to customers overseas.

According to the company’s official website, all of Todd Shelton’s products are manufactured exclusively at its facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

As mentioned above, the company uses imported fabrics to produce its clothing range. So, while it is an American manufacturer, its materials aren’t sourced locally. While there are companies on the list above that also source fabrics from overseas, they mainly focus on locally sourced materials for their products.

Todd Shelton Jeans Made in USA


Here is a link to Todd Shelton’s jeans for those interested in taking a closer look. Just keep in mind that its fabrics are all imported.

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