Who Makes Powersmart Snow Blowers?


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Powersmart is a brand of outdoor tools that has steadily gained in popularity in recent years and they offer a range of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, power generators and, of course, snow blowers. A large proportion of their products are battery powered, although they do offer gas versions of many of these tools too.

Their snow blowers and other tools can be bought from most of the big retailers, including The Home Depot, Amazon and Walmart.

But who makes Powersmart snow blowers and where are they made? We did a bit of digging and you can read about what we found below.

Who Makes Powersmart Snow Blowers?

Powersmart snowblowers are distributed in the US by a company called Amerisun, who have their headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. But they do not manufacture Powersmart snow blowers, as some websites would have you believe. This company simply brings the products to market and makes them available to the public. In fact, they are the sole distributor of Powersmart outdoor products in the US, so if you buy a snowblower in the US, it’ll have gone through them.

So who does manufacture Powersmart snow blowers? This is where it gets a little tricky to track down specifics, as it so often does.

I found numerous mentions online of the engines and motors that are used in Powersmart snow blowers being made by the Loncin Engine Manufacturer in China. This company is a prolific producer of engines and motors for the motorcycle and outdoor power equipment industries, among others.

But what about the other parts of Powersmart snow blowers? I found a press release relating to a product recall that occurred in 2018 that lists “Zhejiang DoBest Power Tools Co., of China” as the manufacturer of the Powersmart products that were recalled. I can’t confirm whether they still manufacture them, but as recently as 2018 they did.

Here’s a screen capture of that:

And here’s a link to the press release, which you can read through yourself: Powersmart Recall

Where are Powersmart Snow Blowers Made?

In addition to finding references linking the two Chinese companies mentioned above with the production of Powersmart snow blowers, I found numerous other mentions of the snow blowers being “Chinese made, US distributed” on the websites of various retailers selling the products.

So I feel we can be reasonably confident in saying that Powersmart snow blowers are made in China.

Zhejiang DoBest Power Tools Co., of China, is located in the eastern province of Zhejiang in China. Here’s their full address:

No.9 Huacheng west road, Chengxi New zone,

Yongkang 321300, Zhejiang, China

And here’s a link to their website:


We have reached out to Amerisun to ask for clarification on this and are awaiting a response. We will update the post with a screenshot of the email exchange if they do respond.

History of Powersmart Snow Blowers

Unfortunately, there’s very little information about the origins of the Powersmart brand available online, so there’s not much we can write here at this point.

If you happen to know about the brand evolution, feel free to comment below and we’ll add the information to the article.

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  1. Here’s the problem. So you buy this Chinese made equipment and you need a part for the motor. Can you look up a part number or do they give you a schematic with part numbers? No
    Your not sure how to change the belt or a broke part so can you buy a repair manual? Probably not. My most reliable snow blower is one I bought for $75 ten years ago. It’s a craftsman and I can still buy most the parts. Just a thought.

    • Thank you for your comment. Getting parts for particular models can prove to be quite difficult. This differs from company to company, there are some companies out there that have parts readily available, while there are others that are almost impossible to get replacement parts for.


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