Where Are Solo Stoves Made? (I Did Some Research)


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Sleek, smokeless, and safe, Solo Stoves are popular with people in countries all over the world. They are renowned for their quality and reliability. But who makes them? And where are they made? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Who Makes Solo Stoves?

The Solo Stove company is owned by brothers Jeff and Spencer Jan. It was a private company until 2021 when it went public under the name Solo Brands. The CEO of Solo Brands is Jeff Merris.

Who Makes Solo Stoves


As you can see in the image above, Solo Brands also owns a few other companies. But as for who makes Solo Stoves, the answer is Solo Brands.

Where are Solo Stoves Made?

One of the first questions many have about Solo Stoves is ‘Are they made in the USA?’ Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. However, we have written an article on American made fire pits for those wanting to look at products that are somewhat related to Solo Stoves.

As for where Solo Stoves are made, they are manufactured in a few different countries. According to numerous sources, Solo Stoves are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and India. From what I could find, it looks like most of the company’s production is carried out in China. But it does also conduct some manufacturing in Vietnam and India.

There does seem to be some confusion as some people seem to falsely believe that Solo Stoves are American made.

Solo Stoves are ‘Designed and engineered in the USA.’ This is where the confusion seems to be coming from as people are misinterpreting this statement to mean ‘Made in the USA’.

Where are Solo Stoves Made


Also, according to a handful of answers on an Amazon listing question regarding Solo Stoves, its products are primarily made in China.

Unfortunately, the company’s official website doesn’t seem to state where its Solo Stoves are made. Usually, if a product is made in the USA then companies like to make it very clear as it is more appealing to American consumers.

Since there’s no word from the company’s official website, it looks like the articles stating that Solo Stoves are primarily Chinese made are most likely true.

History of Solo Stoves

The Solo Stove was created by brothers Jeff and Spencer Jan back in 2011. It started out thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Today, the company has a valuation of around $2 billion.

According to a statement from Spencer Jan, the brothers launched the business with $15,000. Considering just how valuable the business is today, that’s an impressive achievement.

History of Solo Stoves


As mentioned, the company was a privately held business until 2021 when it became a publicly traded business under the name Solo Brands.

Solo Brands owns Solo Stove, Chubbies Shorts, Oru Kayak, and ISLE. It is a business that has grown incredibly fast considering it has only been trading publicly since 2021.

As for Solo Stoves’ popularity, its main selling point is that they are smokeless. Unlike a regular fire pit, the Solo Stove emits no smoke making it a more pleasant experience for those wanting to relax by a fire.

The Solo Stove has become a popular appliance in gardens throughout the US and abroad. It has also picked up numerous awards and accolades for being a reliable, smoke-free fire product. Recently the company won a Popular Science 2020 Best of What’s New Award.

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