Jumper Cables Made in the USA (3 Options)


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Jumper cables are one of those strange products that we buy in the hope that we never need to use them! If you are in a situation where you need to use jumper cables, they need to be good. Poor-quality jumper cables aren’t just bad, they can be dangerous. In this article, I’ll be looking for the best jumper cables made in the USA.


Brands Selling Jumper Cables Made in the USA? (The Short Answer)

Some readers may be surprised to learn that there are actually a few companies that still manufacture jumper cables in America. They are Spartan Power, East Penn, and Polar Wire.

American Made Jumper Cables (A List of Manufacturers)

Now that we know which companies offer American-made jumper cables let’s look at each one in a little more detail.

Spartan Power

Spartan Power was founded in 2003. Today it is one of the largest DC to AC power inverter manufacturers in the whole of the US. The company offers a variety of electrical products from ANL fuse kits and battery isolators to battery cables and of course, jumper cables.

The company’s headquarters is located in Reno, Nevada and it manufactures every one of its jumper cables in the US. Spartan Power is a proud American manufacturer that believes in using only the highest quality materials to manufacture its products.

Spartan Power Jumper Cables Made in USA


Spartan Power’s jumper cables are made using 100% pure copper cable with an adhesive-lined irradiated polyolefin heat sink. This makes them water-resistant, fungus-resistant, and UV resistant.

Spartan Power’s jumper cables are available in various lengths and different AWG options, so there’s bound to be one to suit your needs. Here’s a link to its jumper cable set for those wanting to take a closer look.

East Penn

It’s worth mentioning before getting into this entry that East Penn owns Deka. So, if there are any readers out there who feel like Deka should be on the list, they are a part of East Penn so they go in the same entry.

East Penn was founded in 1946 in the village of Bowers in Pennsylvania. It is a proud American manufacturer and the company has facilities all over the US. It does also have some facilities in Canada, but the Canadian facilities are mainly warehouses and distribution centers.

Its primary manufacturing facility is a 520-acre manufacturing complex in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The company primarily manufactures batteries for boats, cars, and other modes of transport. But it also manufactures jumper cables.

East Penn Jumper Cables Made in USA


As mentioned at the start of this entry, East Penn owns the Deka brand. All of the Deka-branded jumper cables are made in the US. It is the same for all of the jumper cables under the East Penn brand name. Here’s a link to East Penn’s catalog.

As for purchasing items, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to buy directly from the company’s website. Instead, you fill in your details on this page and it tells you where your nearest dealer is located. You can also try your luck on Amazon, but at the time of writing this article, the only active listings of the company’s jumper cables were put up by third-party sellers.

Polar Wire

The final entry in this section is Polar Wire. Polar Wire is a wire specialist that manufactures all things wire and cable related. It has been in the wire business for over 30 years and its products are well-known for being high-quality and reliable items.

All of Polar Wire’s wire is made in the US, its headquarters is located in Anchorage, Alaska and from what I understand, it looks like this is where a large portion of the company’s manufacturing takes place.

Polar Wire Jumper Cables Made in USA


The company is very open regarding how its products are made, in fact, there’s a video that you can watch that shows exactly how each of its jumper cables is made. With it being a wire specialist, it makes sense that the company has lots of options when it comes to jumper cables. Here’s a link to its jumper cable page, and here are a few specific options for you to check out.

Jumper Cables That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in the USA

I found one company that people seem to mistake as being an American manufacturer. Here’s what I found.


Hulkman is a pretty well-known company that manufactures jumper cables. Its jump-start kits are very popular as they can get a car up and running in just 5 minutes. This makes Hulkman’s jumper cables some of the fastest-acting cables on the market.

As for its manufacturing, Hulkman is very open about where its products are made. According to its website’s FAQ section, Hulkman’s cables are designed in the US and made in China.

Hulkman Jumper Cables Made in USA


While this information is very clear and easy to find, I found a couple of Amazon listings by third-party sellers that labeled Hulkman’s jumper cables as being American-made. So, if you see any of those listings, ignore them as the information is incorrect.

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