Dog Beds Made in the USA (What My Research Turned Up)


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It goes without saying, dog beds are important. Most, if not all dogs have a dog bed. Finding a quality dog bed can be tricky. Finding a quality dog bed made in the USA is even harder. In this article, I’ll be looking at dog beds made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Dog Beds Made in America (The Short Answer)

After carrying out a lot of research, I found five different companies that manufacture their dog beds in America. These five companies are Gorilla Dog Beds, Big Barker, Jax & Bones, Kuranda, and BuddyRest.

Gorilla Dog Beds

Gorilla Dog Beds build and sell dog beds that are the “toughest on the planet”. Only using the best fabrics and materials, which are proven and tested in military applications, these dog beds are durable and chew-proof. Each bed comes with a 125-day guarantee. These dog beds are practically indestructible, which is excellent news for any canine owner.

There is a luxury line of dog beds on offer that are also easy to clean. Gorilla Dog Beds are known for manufacturing the largest dog beds on the market. Do not worry, Gorilla Dog Beds caters to all sizes of canines. From small, and young dogs, to old and large dogs, every size of each bed is premium-made with only the best possible materials.

Amongst all the fantastic features of Gorilla Dog Beds stock, the entire product line is made in the USA. The facilities are located in Texas, using only American materials and American engineering, through expert craftsmanship.

Gorilla Dog Beds Made in USA

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Here’s a list of Gorilla Dog Bed’s all-American dog beds.

Big Barker

Big Barker wants all dogs to feel like they are special and loved by their owners. Growing up, the owner’s family dog suffered hip injuries and the future CEO had an idea. The mission was clear, to create and sell high-quality dog beds that fulfill the comfort and purpose of a bed. The company was founded in 2006 and has sold dog beds across America for years.

What sets Big Barker apart from the rest is the sheer quality of its beds. Built with triple-layer foam, your dog will never suffer any discomfort in its joints or muscles. Every single bed sold by Big Barker is made by hand. Experienced manufacturers and craftsmen produce the product line in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Big Barker Dog Beds Made in USA

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Below is a list of Big Barker’s orthopedic dog beds made in the USA.

Jax & Bones

Jax & Bones was founded in 2004. The company was started because the owner, Tina, had a deep connection with her dog, Jax. Owning her own dog-based business meant Tina could bring Jax to work. Every product is inspired by Jax to help other dogs receive durable and high-quality dog beds.

All of Jax & Bones’ beds are completely handcrafted in the USA. Its manufacturing facility is located in Los Angeles, California and each product is made from recyclable materials. As an eco-friendly company, every luxurious dog bed is created this way.

Jax & Bones Dog Beds Made in USA

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Below is a list of Jax & Bones’ calming dog beds made in the USA.


Kuranda was founded by Michael Harding in 1987. Kuranda believes that dogs deserve a comfortable space to sleep and relax. Each dog bed made by Kuranda is designed to make your dog feel better. Providing joint relief to keep your dogs happy and healthy, as they should be, is a priority for this company. The product testers employed by the company are all dogs, making sure the company has experts on the job.

All of the products by Kuranda are manufactured in America. The facility is located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The materials are scratch-resistant and chew-proof, making these beds a dream for pet owners.

Kuranda Dog Beds Made in USA

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Here is a list of Kuranda’s American-made dog beds.


BuddyRest claims to sell and manufacture the world’s most comfortable, most supportive, and longest-lasting beds. After all, the company slogan is, “Sleep Science for Pets”. Each dog bed has many practical features such as stay-clean covers, waterproof, and anti-molding materials. In search of a better bed for his dog, the owner researched dog beds that match the quality of human beds. After all, why shouldn’t dogs get the same quality?

As it stands, BuddRest is the only company that applies scientific research to its manufacturing approach. Creating some of the best orthopedic dog beds in the USA is single-handedly down to one thing. Everything is manufactured in America.

BuddyRest Dog Beds Made in USA

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Here’s a list of BuddyRest’s best dog beds made in the USA.

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