Cordless Drills Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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Cordless drills are a handy part of any tool kit for several reasons. Many folks feel that having cordless drills manufactured in the USA ensures these qualities. In this article, we will be looking at American-made cordless drills.


Brands That Sell Cordless Drills Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After some research, I have found two companies that manufacture and sell cordless drills that are made in America. These two companies are Craftsman and DeWalt.

The Companies That Make Cordless Drills in the USA (What I Found)

Now that we have found the two companies that manufacture cordless drills in the USA let’s look at the brands in a little more detail.


Craftsman was founded in 1927, the company has been running for almost 100 years, meaning it is a top brand with lots of experience that can be trusted. Craftsman began making electric drills in 1929 and was recognized for great quality. In 2017, Craftsman won the prestigious Edison award for innovation.

Craftsman is proudly an all-American manufacturing company that uses globally sourced materials. Craftsman believes that manufacturing in the USA is the hallmark of quality for its products. All of its cordless drills are manufactured across 10 facilities dotted around the USA.

Craftsman Minor Tweak Cordless Drills Made in USA

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A list of some of Craftsman’s American-manufactured cordless drills is below:


DeWalt was founded in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt and was located in Leola, Pennsylvania, USA. Today, DeWalt has millions of professionals and tradesmen that trust the company’s tools. As the company is rich in experience, DeWalt always innovates its tools. The cordless drills guarantee consistent quality, even in the most difficult jobs.

DeWalt’s testing process is what separates its products from a lot of other cordless drill manufacturers. The company puts its drills through the toughest conditions to ensure great performance. DeWalt also believes that sustainability is important across all areas whilst manufacturing its products.

DeWalt produces cordless drills that are manufactured in America. The company does use globally sourced materials, but all of its products are constructed in the US. DeWalt believes this means the quality is then ensured throughout cordless drills that are manufactured in the USA.

DeWalt Cordless Drills Made in USA

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Here is a list of DeWalt’s American-made cordless drills:

Cordless Drills That Are Mistaken as Being Made in the USA


Makita is a Japanese founded company that has been innovating drills for over 100 years. While it does have a head office is located in La Mirada, California, there are many other locations throughout the US that Makita distributes from.

The company website states that it uses a global network of ten manufacturing plants. As it does not specify where, it is clear that the company manufacture its products outside of the US as well as in the US.

Makita Cordless Drills Made in USA

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