Car Batteries Made in the USA (2 Companies)


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Car batteries are an important part of a car. Car batteries are mass-produced to match the large production of cars that are needed. Having an American-manufactured battery in your car is often preferred by many folks for its quality. In this article, I’ll be looking at car batteries made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Car Batteries Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After my research, I discovered that there are two companies that manufacture and sell car batteries in America. These companies are called Stryten and East Penn.

The Companies That Make Batteries in the USA (What I Discovered)

Now that we have found which companies manufacture car batteries in America let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.


Stryten is recognized as an innovative company that provides car batteries all around America. The company invests in developing advanced technologies that give its customers “the competitive advantage they need to be successful and achieve their goals for growth and profitability”.

Stryten is consistent with its focus on quality for the customer and believes in being environmentally responsible. Stryten produces quality car batteries by manufacturing all of them throughout North America.

Stryten Car Batteries Made in USA

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A list of Stryten’s American-manufactured car batteries can be viewed in this list below.

East Penn

East Penn is a family battery business that was founded in 1946 by DeLight Jr and DeLight Sr. The business location began in Bowers, Pennsylvania, USA. The family business recognized that because of the war, materials for batteries were limited. By collecting old batteries and rebuilding them, the business could then resell them.

East Penn has grown to become one of the world’s leading car battery manufacturers. The company sticks to its roots when it comes down to the manufacturing of its car batteries. East Penn manufactures all of its car batteries in Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA.

East Penn Car Batteries Made in USA

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East Penn has an entire car battery page that lists all of the American-made products that it sells. These are often sold to external retailers and the web page informs customers where to buy each of these products.

Honourable Mentions

I came across one large company that may produce car batteries in the USA. But, I found it difficult to find strong evidence highlighting any specific car batteries that were manufactured in the USA. Here’s what I found.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is the world’s leading manufacturer of car batteries. The company supplies around 152 million batteries every year to retailers. The company prides itself on sustainability, committing to this since 1885. Johnson Controls aims to create excellent customer satisfaction with its high-quality car batteries, ensuring great value for everyone.

Johnson Controls has an incredibly large US battery production. The company claims to have invested $450 million in the manufacturing process. This ensures that the company’s customers are receiving only the highest quality car batteries.

After research, it became difficult to pin down specific products that were manufactured specifically in America and some information on the company’s website suggested that the manufacturing was global. This means that it cannot be confirmed if all the car batteries are produced in the USA.

Johnson Controls Car Baterries Made in USA

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