Work Gloves Made in the USA (Can You Buy Them?)


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work gloves made in usa

Having durable and high-quality work gloves is vital for the majority of workers. As manual workers, your gloves are subject to high levels of stress. Using premium-quality materials to manufacture gloves will help guarantee the durable gloves you are searching for. This is why I have written an article on work gloves made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Work Gloves Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After conducting lots of research, I discovered four different companies that manufacture work gloves in America. These companies are Sullivan Glove, Texas Good Gloves, Churchill, and Bear Wallow Glove Company.

Sullivan Glove

Sullivan Glove was founded in 1941 by Edward Sullivan. Sullivan was responsible for crafting gloves for shipbuilders during World War II. After the war, Sullivan relocated his business to Bend, Oregon, USA. Today, the company remains family owned and operates with the same traditions.

With 80 years of experience, Sullivan Glove is recognized as an expert in the field. Sullivan Glove is one of the last US glove makers, and it wishes to continue to do so. Every single pair of work gloves is handcrafted and sewn in Bend, Oregon. The materials are sourced from top-quality American deer, elk, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig, and cow. Each sewing pattern and construction of the gloves ensure a durable and trustworthy work glove.

Sullivan Glove Work Gloves Made in USA

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Here’s a list of work gloves, including goatskin and deerskin work gloves made in the USA by Sullivan Glove Co.

Texas Good Gloves

Texas Good Gloves is on a mission to produce some of the best work glove services across the globe. Personal and authentic experience gained from working in family ranches across Texas, the owners recognized the importance of the quality of the product they want to provide.

The company’s work gloves provide safety and value in all work environments that require them. Not only are all the products handmade by seasoned veterans in craftsmanship but the materials are sourced from all-American elkskin, deerskin, bison leather, and goatskin. The high-quality, naturally sourced materials provide workers with heavy-duty work gloves.

Texas Good Gloves Work Gloves Made in USA

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Check out this list of leather work gloves made in the USA by Texas Good Gloves.


Churchill began in the 1890s thanks to the founder, James Churchill. It all started when Churchill traded some crockery for raw deer hides. After getting the hides processed, he sat and made his first pair of gloves by hand. In 1897, Churchill opened his first glove-making factory. Today, Churchill as a business continues these rich traditions.

To this day, Churchill still manufactures its work gloves in the USA. Using deerskin and other American wildlife is ingrained in the history of the company. Combine this with all-American manufacturing and you have Churchill’s high-quality work gloves.

Churchill Work Gloves Made in USA

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Have a look at these American-made work gloves by Churchill.

Bear Wallow Glove Company

Bear Wallow Glove Company is a company that offers all different sizes of work gloves. Designing and crafting high-quality work gloves with premium leather and animal materials is a tradition that Bear Wallow Glove Company has maintained throughout its years of business. All of its work gloves are manufactured in the USA out of tough leather that guarantees durability.

Bear Wallow Glove Company Work Gloves Made in USA

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Take a look at this list of American-made men’s work gloves by Bear Wallow Glove Company.

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