Wiper Blades Made in the USA (Check These Brands Out)


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wiper blades made in usa

Wiper blades are, for obvious reasons, a significant part of your automobile. Efficient wiper blades provide safety for drivers, which is a top priority that customers want when purchasing wiper blades. Having wiper blades manufactured in America can help to guarantee quality materials, and that is why I have written an article on wiper blades made in America.


Brands That Sell Wiper Blades Made in America (Check These Brands Out)

After lots of research into companies that sell wiper blades manufactured in America, I found one company. That company is Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.

Johnson Brothers Roll Forming was founded in 1947 when Edwin Johnson decided to begin a business by constructing the company’s first roll-forming machine in his basement. Edwin partnered with his brother Harold and split equal shares within the business.

Many orders were placed and the manufacturing process became too loud for their basement as they received noise complaints from neighbors. This forced the brothers to relocate the company facility to Chicago. In 1954, when the business expanded further, it moved to Bellwood Illinois into an old millwright.

Four generations of the family have helped the business thrive and today it provides all parts for wiper blades. The manufacturing process is 100% American and takes place in Berkeley, Illinois.

Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co. Wiper Blades Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.johnsonrollforming.com/

This is a link to the company website that sells many windshield wiper blades made in the USA.

Honourable Mentions

As much as other companies wish to manufacture in America, it is not always financially possible for smaller businesses as it costs significantly more to do so.

However, sometimes websites are unclear on manufacturing locations, making it difficult to judge if the products are manufactured in America or not. Here’s what I found.


Silblade has been focused on manufacturing and selling wiper blades that are built to last since 1993. Customers of Silblade will not be left with the frustration of their products breaking after a few months. Silblade’s wiper blades can be used for many years.

As a company, it recognizes the importance and safety of wiper blades, they are not an accessory but a necessity for your car. Advanced technology guarantees wiper blades that are durable, quality, and safe for your cars. Using silicone wipers, these materials are not just quality but also help the environment.

However, Silblade does not state on the website the manufacturing location or state where the silicon material is purchased from. Therefore, it is safe to assume that not all wiper blades are manufactured in America or constructed with American materials.

Wiper Blades That Are Mistaken as Being Made in America

After conducting my research on wiper blades made in the USA, I came across many different companies. A large majority of these companies proved to manufacture with materials from external countries or manufactured the products outside of America.

It is not always possible for companies to construct their products in America due to the cost. However, here are details on companies that at first appeared to manufacture in America, but after research, proved otherwise.


TRICO is perhaps the biggest provider of wiper blades across the US and the entire world. Manufacturing for over a century, only premium wiper blades are innovated and sold by TRICO.

Lots of research and manufacturing excellence goes into each and every wiper blade that is sold by TRICO, meaning it has a strong commitment to quality engineering and customer satisfaction.

However, TRICO’s manufacturing process is a global one. TRICO has many manufacturing locations across the globe, so most of TRICO’s products are not American-made.

TRICO Wiper Blades Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.tricoproducts.com/


Saverblade has a mission statement that says the company wishes “To provide motorists with high quality, reliable windshield wiper products.” Founded in 1991 in Maryland, USA, Saverblade has invested in research and engineering to innovate quality manufactured wiper blades that provide motorists with efficient and safe products.

Saverblade has expanded rapidly and wishes to continue to provide excellent wiper blades for all customers. However, as the company has expanded, not all manufacturing takes place in America. A scale of products are made in countries outside of the US.

Saverblade Wiper Blades Made in USA

Image Source: https://saverblade.com/about/

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