Wine Glasses Made in Italy (Still A Thing?)


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Wine glasses are a tricky purchase for many folks. When guests are around for dinner or a casual meal with the family, you want a quality and authentic wine glass as it will compliment the rest of your cutlery and company. Manufacturing in Italy provides jobs for the local Italian economy, rather than cheap labor abroad. That is why I have written an article on wine glasses manufactured and sold in Italy.


Brands That Sell Wine Glasses Made in Italy (The Short Answer)

Throughout my research on wine glasses manufactured in Italy, I found five different brands. These five brands are Design Italy, My Italian Decor, Murano Glass, The Italian Collector, and Gifts Plaza.

Design Italy

Design Italy was founded by Roberto Ferrari and his wife, Paola. A strong passion for design and manufacturing in Italy ignited the idea to begin this business. Design Italy wishes to supply clients across the globe, with the aim of always benefiting its customers.

The company is proud to be a part of the Italian Netcomm Consortium, which pairs together e-commerce companies and enables Design Italy to sell worldwide. Being able to sell Italian-made products worldwide is becoming difficult, but Design Italy is proving it can still be possible.

All of Design Italy’s products are 100% made in Italy. Design Italy’s products are manufactured in Italy as the owners believe that promoting Italian-made products and Italian business is important for the economy. Production in Italy is slowly dying and Design Italy likes to think it is keeping this going.

Design Italy Wine Glasses Made in Italy

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Check out this list of Italian-made wine glasses by Design Italy.

My Italian Decor

My Italian Decor was founded in 1988 by business owner Elisabetta after she spent 7 years in Italy. Elisabetta wished to share her passion around the world for products that are made in Italy. The owner travels to Italy twice a year to work with masters of craft all over Italy, learning the methods used in handcrafting Italian products.

My Italian Decor specializes in Murano Glass, meaning quality handmade Italian wine glasses are available for its customers.

My Italian Decor is a proud member of Save Venice. This is a leading American charity that is dedicated to keeping the flame of arts and craftsmanship in Italian business alight. My Italian Decor hopes that every Italian-made product sold is gaining more recognition for the crafts in Italian culture.

The business is based in California, but all of My Italian Decor’s stock is manufactured and handcrafted in Italy by Italian artisan experts.

My Italian Decor Wine Glasses Made in Italy

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Here is a list of My Italian Decor’s handmade artisan wine glasses from Italy.

Murano Glass

Murano Glass is a business based in Murano, just off the coast of mainland Italy. The island is famous for being the island of glassware. The glass used to manufacture its products is formed from silica, which is liquified at a high temperature and formed into a soft glass that can be molded into almost any desired shape.

Using this technique opens up many possibilities for intricate designs, Murano Glass employs local and experienced manufacturers in order to handcraft the wine glasses using this unique handcrafting method. Murano Glass is proud to call itself a 100% Italian-made company. Each wine glass is handmade using glass from Murano, constructed by workers in Murano.

Murano Glass is proud to stick by traditions and provide manufacturing and craft jobs for the local economy. It is a company that many people use worldwide due to its recognition as a premium wine glass manufacturer and seller.

Murano Glass Wine Glasses Made in Italy

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Check out this list of Italian-manufactured wine glasses by Murano Glass.

The Italian Collector

The Italian Collector has a purpose. Its purpose is to discover beautifully handmade Italian products and sell them, spreading awareness for Italian hand craftsmanship. The business was birthed due to a love for Italian glassware by the owner’s grandmother.

This obsession was infectious and inspired the founder to seek out Italian glassware and sell it to others. The Italian Collector has a target market for those who consider themselves passionate experts in Italian glassware and manufacturing.

Italian craft is ingrained in the culture and The Italian Collector feels it is important to embrace this. After all, it would be a waste to allow Italian artisan products to go under the radar. The Italian Collector’s passion for Italian-handmade products is as large as their cultural appreciation for it. This is why the company only purchases products that are 100% made in Italy.

The Italian Collector Wine Glasses Made in Italy

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Here’s a page to The Italian Collector’s authentic Italian wine glasses.

Gifts Plaza

GIFTS PLAZA is an online store that sells premium products from dinner and glassware to home accessories. The company was founded in 2014 and it focuses on selling quality products at great prices. Many different products are manufactured for Gifts Plaza and they all meet the quality goals that customers are satisfied with.

Gifts Plaza wishes to bring happiness around the world by sharing quality products globally. The company’s line of Italian glassware is all manufactured in Italy, with a wide range of artisan, handmade wine glasses available. The aesthetic of these beautifully handmade wine glasses, made with crystal will complement any collection.

Gifts Plaza Wine Glasses Made in Italy

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Take a look at this list of Italian-made wine glasses sold by Gifts Plaza.

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