Wind Chimes Made in the USA (Check These Out)


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It might seem difficult to tell the difference between an American-made wind chime and one that has simply been imported from another country. Wind chimes made in the USA are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and durability offering, a level of quality that is difficult to beat. So if you’re not familiar with which brands to look for at the home decor store, here is a list of 3 American-made brands for you to check out.


What Brands Sell Wind Chimes Made in the USA?

I found 2 brands that produce wind chimes in the US. They are Wind River Chimes and North Country Wind Bells.

American Made Wind Chimes (Here’s What I Found)

These companies are known for their high-quality wind chimes that are handcrafted and made with durable materials. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of styles and designs to suit different preferences and tastes.

Wind River Chimes

Wind River is located in Manassas Park, Virginia, and the materials used to produce their USA-made wind chimes come from all over the United States. According to their website, they source native hardwood from Pennsylvania, durable redwood from California, string and pipe from New York, Georgia, and Florida, and metal components from all over the Midwest.

Wind River Chimes Made in USA

Here are a couple of Wind River Chime’s most popular products for you to check out:

North Country Wind Bells

North Country Wind Bells makes some of the best American-made wind chimes on the market. This brand is known for selling high-quality, handmade chimes that are crafted from premium materials and produced in its factory in Maine.

They use recycled materials making them not only American-made, but also Green certified. North Country Wind Bells takes its inspiration from the Northern seas which is seen proudly in each of their designs.

The chimes are made from recycled aluminum, making them durable and long-lasting. North Country Wind Bells are known for their unique designs, and for the quality of sound that their chimes produce.

North Country Wind Bells Made in USA

Check out some of their unique designs here:

Wind Chimes Commonly Mistaken as Being American Made

While there are a few proven American-made wind chime brands, there are some wind chimes brands that are commonly mistaken as being American-made and are actually imported from other countries.

After much research, I found that these brands will include partial or fully-assembled wind chimes made in China, Indonesia, and India. For anyone wanting to support producers of wind chimes made in the USA, it’s worth noting that some companies may only assemble their chimes in the USA with imported parts. It’s important to check for details of the origin of materials used too. A couple of popular brands that may leave you guessing include.

Regal Art & Gift

Regal Art & Gift is featured in many online stores and can be seen distributed in major retailers throughout the United States. Although they do not make any claims to being a company that produces wind chimes made in the USA, it is well known and can be mistaken for an American-made brand given its notoriety. It is important to check the country of origin facts such as those shown by for a Regal Art & Gift product featured for sale on their website.

Regal Art & Gift Wind Chimes Made in USA

Gifts & Decor

This popular Amazon-backed brand, Gifts & Decor has quite a following on the major retail site; however, it is clear that they too are not made in the USA. This imported product comes from China and features many of the same designs you might find from many American-made wind chimes. Much of the difference can be found in the quality of products used by both these and USA-made wind chimes.

Gifts & Decor Wind Chimes Made in USA

For those looking to stick to American-made products, it is important to always check the label and fine print before making a purchase. By buying wind chimes made in the USA, you can help build communities and support local economies, while ensuring you receive the best products available on the market.

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