Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made? (+ Who Makes Them)


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Saatva is a company that has grown extremely fast to become a well-known manufacturer of mattresses throughout the US. But where are its mattresses made? And, who makes them? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Who Makes Saatva Mattresses?

Saatva is owned by its founder and CEO Ron Rudzin. Saatva is its own entity, and all of Saatva’s products are made by Saatva itself.

Who Makes Saatva Mattresses


I could find no evidence of any entities that work alongside Saatva. So, if you buy a Saatva mattress, then it is made by Saatva.

Where are Saatva Mattresses Made?

All of Saatva’s mattresses are 100% American made. Not only are they all manufactured in the USA, but they are made using mostly American sourced materials and components.

Saatva operates 19 factories throughout the US, and it is at these factories that all of its mattresses are produced. Saatva mattresses are also made to order, so you won’t ever receive a mattress that has spent a long time just sitting in a warehouse somewhere gathering dust.

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Saatva is very proud of its mattresses. In fact, the company offers a complete walkthrough on how it makes its products on its website.

I wasn’t able to find out where each of its facilities is located. However, they are all located within the US. I could find no overseas companies involved with Saatva’s production in any way.

I found an article posted by a third-party source stating that only two of its facilities are used for production. One is in Connecticut and the other is in Virginia. Unfortunately, I was not able to find confirmation of this on Saatva’s website, but there’s no reason to believe that this article doesn’t have some truth to it.

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But rest assured, if you buy a mattress from Saatva, then you are guaranteed to receive an American made mattress.

If you want to check out other American mattress manufacturers, then check out our article on mattresses made in the USA for more details.

History of Saatva Mattresses

Saatva was founded in 2010. The company’s core principle is to provide quality mattresses that will promote quality sleep. It very quickly became a well-known luxury mattress manufacturer having sold countless products to customers all over the US.

Saatva is a solely US-based operation. As mentioned above, it has 19 facilities dotted all over the US. All of its mattresses are handmade using nothing but the best quality materials that are primarily sourced from within the US.

Not only are its mattresses made in the US, but they are made in an eco-friendly way. All of Saatva’s mattresses are made using sustainable business practices.

In 2022, Saatva partnered with Evertreen to plant trees and help farmers in need. At the time of writing this article, the company had planted more than 2,000 trees and offset more than 675,000kg of CO2. So, if you want a mattress that is locally made and eco-friendly then Saatva may just be the perfect company for you.

As a whole, Saatva is a company with a lot to offer. It will be interesting to see what the company has planned for the future.

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