Where Are Frigidaire Dehumidifiers Made? (Manufacturing Locations)


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Frigidaire is a company with a rich history. It spans over a century and it has sold millions of products to consumers all over the world. But, very few seem to know much about its manufacturing locations. So, in this article, I’ll be taking a look at where Frigidaire dehumidifiers are made.


Who Makes Frigidaire Dehumidifiers?

Frigidaire is owned by the global appliance giant, Electrolux. Before that, it was owned by GE. Electrolux is one of the world’s most recognized electronics companies. It is the owner of such brands as Eureka, AEG, and more. According to WhosQuery, Electrolux makes all of Frigidaire’s appliances.

After looking at a handful of Frigidaire’s dehumidifier products, it says on all of them that they are made by Frigidaire. Since Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux, technically speaking, Electrolux oversees the production of Frigidaire’s appliances.

Who Makes Frigidaire Dehumidifiers


Electrolux sells roughly 60 million household products each year. It has facilities and offices dotted all around the world.

Where are Frigidaire Dehumidifiers Made?

There seems to be some misinformation surrounding Frigidaire’s manufacturing locations. There are a handful of third-party websites stating that some of Frigidaire’s dehumidifiers are made in the USA.

I could find no evidence from credible sources to back this up. It is true that Frigidaire operates manufacturing facilities in the US. Its American facilities are dedicated to producing dishwashers and refrigerators.

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As for its dehumidifiers, according to several Amazon product listings from Frigidaire’s official Amazon store, its dehumidifiers are made in China. Also, the website Made-in-China, a site dedicated to selling Chinese made products, has lots of Frigidaire dehumidifiers for sale on its website.

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By reading a handful of product descriptions of Frigidaire’s products that are listed on Made-in-China, they state that the products come from Hangzhou, China. And when I looked at the website Go4WorldBusiness, it also states that this facility is responsible for manufacturing dehumidifiers.

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So, to summarize, Frigidaire’s dehumidifiers are manufactured at a facility in Hangzhou, China. If you’re trying to avoid buying a Chinese made dehumidifier, Frigidaire is not likely the brand for you. If it’s an American made dehumidifier that you are looking for, well we already wrote an article covering just that topic. The same goes for Dehumidifiers made in Germany. So check those pieces out and hopefully my research will help you out.

History of Frigidaire Dehumidifiers

As mentioned at the start of this article, Frigidaire has a rich history that spans over a century. While Frigidaire has a lot of information regarding the history of several of its products, it doesn’t offer much when it comes to the history of its dehumidifiers.

But putting that aside, Frigidaire has received numerous awards and accolades for its dehumidifiers. From Good Housekeeping Awards to having some of its dehumidifiers named among the best overall dehumidifiers by Cnet, Frigidaire has received lots of praise for its products.

It looks like the future is bright for Frigidaire and its dehumidifiers as it continues to design and produce more advanced models.

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