Watches Made in France (Have A Look At These)


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France is known for its cuisine, art, and fine wine. People pay good money for French-made products. But what about watches? Do any companies offer French-made watches? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Which Brands Sell Watches Made in France? (The Short Answer)

After lots of digging, I found a couple of companies that offer watches made in France. They are Michel Herbelin and B.R.M Chronographes.

French Made Watches (The 2 Brands That Sell Them)

Now that we know which companies offer French-made watches, let’s learn more about them.

Michel Herbelin

Michel Herbelin has been manufacturing watches since 1952. Its headquarters is also the same place where the company manufactures its watches. The company’s facility is located in Charquemont, in HautDoubs, it’s on the French-Swiss border. But it’s on the French side of the border, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list!

Michel Herbelin Watches Made in France


Despite going strong for over half a century, the company remains a family-owned and operated business. The company’s name has become a symbol of high-quality French production and its timepieces are popular with customers in countries all over the world.

While Michel Herbelin’s watches are high-quality luxury watches, they are also fairly affordable. Especially when compared to other luxury watchmakers out there. Here’s a link to the company’s product page where you can find all of its watches and watch accessories.

B.R.M. Chronographes

B.R.M. Chronographes was founded in 2003. It is a company that offers several lines of luxury watches, this also includes custom watches. The founder, Bernard Richards, is a man who is passionate about precision mechanics and because of his passion, his watches are among the best on the market.

It looks like B.R.M. manufactures the majority of its watches in France. However, I couldn’t find out much more information other than its watches being made in France. Here’s a link to the company’s manufacturing page on its website for those wanting to take a closer look.

B.R.M. Chronographes’ watches are inspired by different sports. Here are some links to some of its sport-inspired watch categories.

Honorable Mention

I came across a company that assembles some of its products in France, but it seems to get most of its components from Switzerland. Here’s what I found.


Dodane is a luxury French watch manufacturer that was founded in 1857. Unfortunately, there wasn’t all that much information regarding the location of the company’s manufacturing locations. The only real piece of information I could find on its website was where the company states that its parts come from the largest Swiss or French manufacturers.

Dodane Watches Made in France


So, while it looks like some of its manufacturing is carried out in France, I couldn’t find which of its products are French-made, hence it receiving an honorable mention.

Here’s a link to its watch product page, just keep in mind that not all of its watches are made in France.

Watches that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in France

I came across a couple of French-based companies that manufacture their products in Switzerland. I also came across a couple of third-party articles mistakenly claiming that the companies produce their watches in France. Here’s what I found.


Breguet is a well-known French fashion brand. It was founded in 1775 in Paris, France. While there are several online sources that claim Breguet manufactures its watches in France, it actually conducts its manufacturing in Switzerland.

This information is readily available online, so I’m not sure where the confusion comes from. Perhaps it’s the fact that the company’s headquarters is located in France. Maybe some people are confusing its headquarters with its manufacturing facilities. But whatever the case, the company’s manufacturing facility is located in Vallee De Joux, Switzerland.


Chanel is a giant in the world of luxury. It was founded in Paris in 1910 and it has become a brand that’s associated with class, quality, and high-end fashion. While it is a French-based company, like many other watch manufacturers out there, Chanel conducts its watch manufacturing in Switzerland.

I came across a couple of articles that listed Chanel as being a French watch manufacturer. While this is technically true as it is a French-based company, its production isn’t carried out in France.

A Question For The Readers

If there are any readers out there who know of any other companies that manufacture watches in France, leave a comment below. Your comments help to keep our content accurate and up to date. I did come across a fair few French-based watchmaking companies, but they mostly manufactured their watches in Switzerland.

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