Washing Machines Made in Germany (4 Options)


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With production costs rising worldwide, many washing machine companies have moved production to cheaper countries like China. Although, there are still a few companies that do their manufacturing outside of China. In this article, we will be finding out which washing machines are made in Germany.


Which companies Sell Washing Machines Made in Germany (The Short Answer)

Upon doing some research I found four washing machine companies that sell German made washing machines. They are Bosch, Miele, AEG, and NEFF.

A List of German Made Washing Machines (4 Brands)

Now that we know which brands make some of their washing machines in Germany, let’s look at each one in more detail.


Bosch started producing washing machines back in 1958. Its headquarters is located in Girlingen, Germany. The company is known all over the world for producing high quality household appliances.

Bosch has several different lines of washing machines, with one of those lines being produced entirely in Germany. The Bosch Series 8 washing machines are all produced in Germany. Although, I could not find the precise location for the manufacturing plant.

Bosch Series 8 washing machines have received a couple of awards for their quality and durability. This includes a Red Dot Design Award and being named as one of the best Bosch washing machines by Expert Reviews.



Miele’s first water powered washing machine dates all the way back to 1914. The company has spent the last century perfecting its designs to make the washing machines that we know today.

Miele’s headquarters is located in Gütersloh, Germany, and almost every product made by Miele is made in one of their 12 factories dotted throughout Germany.

Every year, a minimum of 850,000 washing machines are made and shipped out for sale from their factory in Gütersloh, making it one of Germany’s largest locally produced washing machine companies.

Some of the washing machine models produced by Miele are the:

All of Miele’s washing machines are built and tested to last an average of 20 years. Various different outlets have recognized the high quality of Miele’s washing machines.

The company has accumulated many different awards for its washing machines over the years, including Canstar Blue Awards, several top 10 Best European Corporate brand awards, multiple Which Home Appliances Brand of the Year awards, and more.


In 1958 AEG introduced its first Lavamat automatic washing machine. Since then they have gone on to produce multiple lines of washing machines that are popular in Germany and in various other countries around Europe.

These days AEG has become a part of the Electrolux Group. However, this German founded company still manufactures its washing machines in their factories located around West Germany.

AEG has a wide range of German made washing machines available for purchase, this includes the:

AEG has won many different awards for their high quality products, including having won the T3 Prize for best washing machine four years in a row.


Finishing off this list we have NEFF. The company dates back to 1877, and is known for producing high quality household appliances. This includes washing machines.

All of NEFF’s washing machines are manufactured in their facility in Bretton, Germany, as well as several other facilities that are located throughout Germany. Every NEFF product is produced in Germany.


Every one of NEFF’s products comes with a 4 year warranty, including parts and labor. NEFF’s washing machines are built to last and each product is rigorously tested before being made available for purchase. Here is a link to NEFF’s washing machines

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