Pliers Made in the USA (Are There Any?)


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A good pair of pliers can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, with so many companies outsourcing production to countries like China, it has become pretty difficult to find high-quality tools that are still manufactured in the USA. In this article, I’ll be looking for American-made pliers.


Do Any Companies Sell USA Made Pliers? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I found 6 companies that sell American-made pliers. They are Ampco Safety Tools, Wright Tool, Xuron, Channellock, Lang Tools, and Klein Tools.

Brands Selling Pliers Made In The USA (What’s Out There)

Now that we know which companies offer pliers made in the USA, let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Ampco Safety Tools

Ampco Safety Tools was founded in 1914. The name Ampco is an acronym for the ‘American Metal Products Company.’ Needless to say, it is a company that manufactures a wide array of metal tools. From spanners and wrenches to screwdrivers and pliers, if it’s a tool then Ampco Safety Tools probably has it.

According to Ampco’s official website, most of its safety tools are manufactured at its facility in Garland, Texas. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out where all of its tools are made, but it looks like the majority of its pliers are made in the USA.

Ampco Safety Tools Pillers Made in USA


As for its pliers, it manufactures the vast majority of its pliers in the US, however, some of its pliers do make use of components made in Germany. Here are a couple of Ampco Safety Tools’ pliers that were solely made in the USA.

Wright Tool

Wright Tool is a proud American company that was founded in 1927 in Barberton, Ohio. It manufactures a wide range of tools from tool chests and cabinet boxes to screwdrivers and of course, pliers.

The company’s headquarters is located in Warren, Michigan but from what I understand, Wright Tool manufactures the majority of its products at its facility in Barberton, Ohio. That said, it does manufacture one line of tools in Taiwan. These are the company’s “Our Cougar Pro” products.

Wright Tool Pillers Made in USA


Fortunately, Wright Tool states where each of its products is made in the features & benefits section of each individual product. This makes it very easy to determine which of its pliers are American-made.

So, for those wanting to purchase a pair of American-made pliers, here are a few options from Wright Tool for you to check out.


Xuron is one of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic electronics grade hand tools in the world, it is also a company that manufactures all of its tools in the USA. According to Xuron’s LinkedIn profile, all of its Xuron-branded tools are manufactured at its facility located in Saco, Maine.

Xuron Pillers Made in USA


Xuron has pliers for a multitude of different uses. This includes pliers for making jewelry, handling electronics, and even for aerospace work. The company offers both consumer products and industrial products so there’s a pair of pliers to suit pretty much everyone.

As for its consumer products, Xuron’s biggest seller is the Xuron Tweezer Nose 450. This pair of pliers can grip wire that’s less than 1 mil thick, it is also great for use in the following areas.

  • Wire Harness Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Electronics and Electrical Use


Channellock has been in business since 1886, and since its inception, it has been manufacturing pliers in the US. The company is made up of more than 350 employees that manufacture over 75 different sizes and types of pliers at its facility in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Channellock Pillers Made in USA


Luckily, Channellock has labeled each of its American-made pliers clearly on its website which has made my job much easier. As mentioned, the company manufactures a wide range of sizes and types of pliers, so there’s something to suit everyone.

For those wanting to look at some of Channellock’s American-made pliers, since the company has a lot to choose from, I’ll put a link to each of its plier categories below. Just be sure to select a pair of pliers that has a little made in the USA flag next to the product image.

Lang Tools

Lang Tools has been manufacturing tools in Racine, Wisconsin since 1932. The company specializes in manufacturing professional-grade tools at affordable prices. Lang Tools manufactures pliers, pry bars, rethreading die, and a whole lot more.

From what I was able to find, not all of Lang Tools’ manufacturing takes place in the US. It seems like the company’s locking pliers are made in Germany, but other than that, Lang Tools manufactures its pliers in the US.

Lang Tools Pillers Made in USA


For those wanting to take a look at some of Lang Tools’ pliers, here are a few options for you to check out.

Klein Tools

Founded in 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools in the US since the very beginning. It is a family-owned business that’s been passed down through the generations. That said, these days, Klein Tools does conduct some of its manufacturing overseas.

Klein Tools Pillers Made in USA


Luckily, Klein Tools labels each of its American-made products clearly so it is very easy to tell which of its pliers are made overseas. According to a handful of reviews across multiple websites, some of the sets of Klein Tools’ American-made pliers are incredibly well-made and can last a lifetime.

Here are a couple of Klein Tools’ US-made pliers for you to check out.

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