TV Antennas Made in the USA (Still A Thing?)


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Antennas manufactured in America can be tricky to find. Lots of Americans prefer the products they buy to be American-made. If they are manufactured in America, it is better for the environment as well as being better for local communities. In this article, I will show the brands that sell USA-made tv antennas.


Brands That Sell TV Antennas Made in the USA (The Short Answer)

After a little research on USA-made TV antennas, I found two companies that sell American-made TV antennas. These brands are Digital Antenna and Channel Master.

The Companies That Make TV Antennas in the USA (Here’s What I Found)

Now that we have discovered which companies manufacture TV antennas in America let’s take a look at them in some more detail.

Digital Antenna

Digital Antenna is a leading company in the production of TV antennas. The company prides itself on the high quality of its products. Dedicated to research, Digital Antenna is continuously innovating to keep up alongside fast and ever-growing tech companies. It claims to maintain “an exceptionally strong discipline to research” to maintain its high standards.

As Digital Antenna continues to innovate quality TV antennas, it has received many accolades. The ‘#1 in Antennas’ for its land antennas is an example of the company’s excellent work. It has allowed Digital Antenna to become a leading producer of TV antennas in America.

Digital Antenna pride itself on selling only American antennas. The manufacturing facility is in Sunrise, Florida in a “state-of-the-art 22,000 square-foot” factory. Manufacturing in America is why Digital Antenna is so proud of its high-quality engineering and excellent customer service.

Digital Antenna TV Antennas Made in USA

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A list of Digital Antenna’s products can be seen here.

Channel Master

Channel Master was founded in Ellenville, New York, USA in 1949. The company invented the “first self-installable low-cost TV antenna”. Channel Master began selling millions of antennas across the US as TVs became very popular. Today, the company is a leading seller of TV antennas across America.

Channel Master manufactures its TV antennas in America. Its facility is located in Chandler, Arizona, and its TV antennas are assembled and packaged with great craftsmanship.

Channel Master TV Antennas Made in USA

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Here is a list of Channel Master’s USA-made TV antennas:

Honourable Mentions

I came across a company that does produce some products in the US but I couldn’t find out which specific products are American-made. Here’s what I found.


CommScope is a tech company that is always pushing the boundaries to build advanced products for its customers. The company sells its antennas across the world and consistently innovates to meet very high standards.

As the company has expanded to sell globally, the facilities have also expanded globally. CommScope does manufacture some antennas in America, but the company also has facilities in other countries, such as China. So, not all TV antennas you purchase from CommScope will be American-made.

CommScope TV Antennas Made in USA

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TV Antennas That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in the USA

While researching TV antennas made in America. I found a company that does not manufacture TV antennas in the USA but people seem to confuse it as being an American manufacturer.

Five Star Antenna

Five Star Antenna is one of the best sellers in the USA. It produces high-quality products and is renowned for “the best customer service experience possible”. The company’s tv antennas are compatible with all new and old TVs. It is a worldwide manufacturer based in Southern California.

After research, I found that Five Star Antenna is in fact a worldwide manufacturer. Although the company is based in Southern California, the TV antennas that Five Star Antenna produces and sells are not manufactured in the US.

Five Star Antenna TV Antennas Made in USA

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