Travel Mugs Made in the USA (I’ve Taken A Look)


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Travel mugs are important for anybody that goes camping, hiking, or simply wishes to take a coffee with them when they are in a rush. Durability is key with travel mugs, and you need mugs that are reliable and trustworthy for keeping your beverage hot/cold and spillage free. Here is an article on travel mugs made in the USA.


Brands That Sell Travel Mugs Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research on American made travel mugs, I have found two companies. These companies are Mugzie and Tervis.


Mugzie is an American company that sells travel mugs on the Amazon marketplace. As can be seen in the link above, Mugzie has excellent reviews all around on the majority of its products. Each product is proven to provide excellent insulation and spill-proof lids. This ensures that your beverage is kept to the correct and is made with stainless steel.

The quality of Mugzie’s travel mugs comes down to the stainless steel material used to construct each mug alongside the many other innovative features to boost the insulation. It can be attributed to Mugzie’s travel mugs being made in the USA.

Mugzie Travel Mugs Made in USA


A list of Mugzie’s all-American travel mugs can be viewed below.


Tervis is an American-owned family business known for producing premium-quality drinkware that has passed the test of time. After three generations of ownership, quality has been guaranteed throughout all the company’s innovations. Tervis has rapidly grown and has come a long way. The owners give a lifetime guarantee on every product and always strive to produce and sell the best to every customer.

To this day, Tervis is committed to being a business that is American-made. It is a part of the family legacy to maintain the all-American aspects of the business and production. Constructing all of the products in America provides the quality that customers are seeking when they purchase travel mugs.

Tervis Travel Mugs Made in USA

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Here is a list of the travel coffee mugs made in the USA by Tervis.

Travel Mugs That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in the USA

Whilst I was conducting my research on insulated travel mugs made in the USA, I came across a few companies. One of which doesn’t seem to produce its travel mugs in the USA. Here’s what I found.

Bubba Brand

Bubba Brand is an American brand that was founded in 1997 and has been dedicated to making drinkware that customers love. It started by making kegs for social occasions and expanded further to creating insulated travel mugs with its passionate team and creative employees.

Bubba Brand is based in Chicago, Illinois. But, the manufacturing process is external. According to Bubba’s website, they are not the manufacturer and it does not explicitly state the details of the manufacturer’s location on the website.

Bubba Brand Travel Mugs Made in USA

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  1. Sadly, I was just on the Tervis website and going to order one of their new stainless steel tumblers, but in the description, it states manufactured in China. You may want to update your article.


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