Travel Mugs Made in Canada (Are There Any Out There?)


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Having a quality travel mug is important for anybody that needs to take hot beverages out on the go. The eco-friendliness and quality of the materials are important to many people. With that in mind, are there any companies that manufacture travel mugs in Canada? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Brands That Sell Travel Mugs Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After extensive research on travel mugs made in Canada, I wasn’t able to find any brands that definitely produce their travel mugs in Canada.

Travel Mugs That Are Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in Canada

During my research on travel mugs manufactured in Canada, I only found one company. The rest of the companies I discovered seemed to be Canadian manufacturers. But, after research, this turned out not to be the case.

Chilly Moose

Chilly Moose is an outdoor adventure company that sells high-quality products for those that love to be active and outside. A wife and husband duo found the business in Canada and has partnered up with many different companies such as Ontario Parks, Tree Canada, and Scouts Canada. Chilly Moose believes the outdoors is about making memories and living life to the fullest. Chilly Moose sells durable products that guarantee to keep your warm items warm and your cold items cold.

Although Chilly Moose’s high-quality and trustworthy travel mugs are designed in Schomberg, Ontario, all of the travel mugs are manufactured in China.

Chilly Moose Travel Mugs Made in Canada

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Canuck Canada

Canuck Canada is a relatively new company. It was founded in 2019 by a group of hockey friends. The friends recognized the struggle of finding coffee cups that would not only maintain heat but remain spillage-free. After many trials and innovations, Canuck Canada created travel mugs that were ready to sell and compete with the big names.

On the website ‘FAQ’ page, the company revealed that the travel mugs are manufactured in China. Unfortunately, after looking into the costs of Canadian manufacturing, it became unaffordable for the owners. Although the cups are produced overseas, the design and engraving process is completed in Ontario, Canada.

Canuck Canada Travel Mugs Made in Canada

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