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Toilets are something that we never really think about when we picture what is in our dream home. They are a functional fixture that everybody needs but, beyond that, what they look like matters very little to anyone. Quality on the other hand matters to everyone and nobody wants to constantly worry about issues with a low-quality toilet.


Which Companies Sell Bathtubs Made in America (The Short Answer)

After extensive research, I found 4 different brands that still produce Bathtubs in the USA. Those are Delta Faucet Company, Mansfield, Toto, and Nature’s Head Toilet. They range from basic models to top-of-the-line to provide you with whatever you are looking for.

American-Made Toilets (4 Brands to Choose From)

After scouring the internet I found that very few companies still manufacture toilets in the United States. There are still a few notable holdouts that have not sent business overseas and I am going to share with you what I’ve found. I found three conventional toilets and one that is becoming more common in the modern world with the age of digital nomads in campers and tiny-home living. No matter where you live, a toilet seems to be one thing that no one is willing to sacrifice.

Delta Faucet Company

Delta Faucet Company Toilets Made in USA

Delta has a long history. Alex Manoogian was born in Armenia in 1901 and moved to America in 1921 to live the American dream with just 50 dollars in his pocket. He saved up enough money as a machinist in an auto company to buy 2 screw-making machines and started his own screw manufacturing company.

Although it was a small and simple market, Alex Manoogian saw the potential and by 1936 had made one hundred thousand dollars simply through making screws. That is the year that the company went public before it began its explosive expansion into other products and markets.

Delta is a globally known brand today because it is innovative but also because it produces a vast range of products to fit any price point. Whether you want to spend 100 or 1000 dollars Delta is sure to have a product for you.

Last year Delta made 638 million dollars so it has the sales and reputation to stay a cornerstone of the American market. Delta toilets are sold at every major American home renovation store like Lowes and Home Depot which makes them very accessible if you need a quick replacement for a broken toilet in the middle of the week.

Below I have listed 2 Delta toilets that are both standard models. They are simple but what makes them special is the simplicity and ease with which you can get replacement parts directly from the website.

Elongated Dual-Flush Toilet In White

Round Front Toilet In White


Mansfield Toilets Made in USA

Mansfield started off just before the great depression in 1929 and survived to be one of America’s strongest manufacturers of sanitary equipment. The company is based in Perrysville, Ohio where it still employs 600 people and turns out millions of fixtures, including toilets, a year.

Mansfield houses and ships from its main warehouse in Ashland, Ohio just down the road from its main plant. The company does produce some extra equipment in Colombia and Mexico but its primary facilities are based in the United States. You can verify that by checking the products you buy for a “Made in America” sticker.

Mansfield produces standard 2-part toilets that are carried at Lowes in the United States and are a standard fixture in millions of homes for their affordable pricing and their ease of replacing small components of whole fixtures.

Some producers on this list sell single-piece toilets where a single crack could cost you another 2000-dollar toilet. If you break the tank on a Mansfield, all you need to do is buy a replacement tank for around 100 dollars and the team will have it to you anywhere within the continental United States within 10 days.

Below you can find some of the standard models that Mansfield produces. If you walk into your bathroom then it is likely that these will look nearly identical to what you already have.




Toto Toilets Made in USA

Kazuchika Okura visited America in 1903 and was fascinated by the white porcelain western-style toilets, before returning to Japan determined to modernize Japanese bathrooms. By 1914, he had produced Japan’s first flushable porcelain toilet and they caught on quite quickly.

Toto has a long history of innovation in Japan and is probably the brand that you have seen on the internet with dozens of features ranging from bidets to steam massages. Some of its Japanese toilets even understand voice commands. The company scaled back all of the fancy gadgetry when it began selling to a western market because the novelty was not in demand, but Toto still has some amazing features such as heated seats and optional bidets.

Toto finally concluded that it was better for the company’s bottom line and better for the environment to produce its products closer to where they were sold. Instead of manufacturing in Southeast Asia or China and shipping products to America, staff now make all of their American Single piece toilets in Morrow, Georgia just south of Atlanta.



Nature’s Head Toilet

Nature's Head Toilet Made in USA

This is not a conventional toilet and is not suitable for 95% of the population but with the growing camper and tiny home market, I felt it necessary to include a company that makes a composting toilet in America.

Composting toilets do not use water to flush water and instead use a chamber filled with bacteria to do what their name implies. It creates compost from all of the waste that you leave in it. This has several benefits including water saving, no need for plumbing, and it is the only toilet on this list that can go with you on vacation.

Whether you are in a camper near your home or perched on the edge of the rocky mountains you can still have the relative comforts that most people have grown accustomed to.

Nature’s Head was started by 2 sailors that wanted a more convenient head (the sailor’s word for toilet) while on small boats. They started with an idea to build something functional but easy to use. Nature’s head is based in Findlay, Ohio but manufactures all of the parts for its toilets, except the fans, in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Below you can find links to the two models of toilets that the company makes. The primary difference is that one has a foot-powered handle and the other involves using your hand to compact the waste.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Foot Spider Handle

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