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Toilets are an essential fixture in any bathroom, no matter how small. If you need to buy a toilet, and you want to make sure you’re buying a Canadian product, this is the article for you. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much choice here as I would like to include. There aren’t very many companies that produce toilets in Canada. Still, we do have two brands to choose from.


Which Companies Sell Toilets Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

There are many companies that appear to produce toilets in Canada, but if you dig deeper you’ll find that most of these companies actually do all of their manufacturing in other countries, such as the United States. I found only 2 different brands that still produce toilets in Canada. Those are Acritec, and Thinktank Waterless Toilets.

Canadian Made Toilets (2 Brands to Choose From)

Sadly, I have only been able to find two companies which produce toilets in Canada, but I think you’ll be quite pleased with what I’ve found. There’s one traditional option and one that’s a bit more radical. At the very least, you might find it interesting to read about!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Canadian privacy laws, it can be extremely difficult (and in some cases, outright impossible) to find information about these companies. I’ve done my best to gather as much information as possible.


I’ve chosen to list this company first because, out of the three companies in this article, Acritec makes the most traditional toilets. These are your standard porcelain toilets that everyone is familiar with—no surprises here!

Acritec is a family company. It traces its beginnings to 1984 when it was started by two brothers. The family continues to own and operate the company today. They employ about 50 people, so it’s by no means a terribly large company.

Acritec has two locations in Canada, but I wasn’t able to find any specific information about where in Canada those two locations are. The company is listed in the Made In Canada Directory, which ensures that all businesses listed are owned by Canadians, operated by Canadians, and headquartered in Canada.

Acritek produces bathtubs, shower bases, shower doors, sinks, faucets, and—of course—toilets. I’ve listed three of these toilets below. The only tricky thing is that Acritec doesn’t sell anything directly.

You can view a catalog of products on the company website, but you cannot buy from the firm directly. All Acritek products are sold exclusively through third-party vendors, so buying an Acritek toilet might send you on a bit of a wild goose chase.

Acritec 31030

Acritec 31100

Acritec 31120

Thinktank Waterless Toilets

Thinktank Waterless Toilets are an interesting option for the environmentally conscious among us. It is a composting toilet, so you can recycle your waste to use in your garden, while simultaneously avoiding water waste.

Thinktank Waterless Toilets were invented by Richard Brunt in 2018. I was able to find Canadian patent records indicating a patent was granted to Thinktank Manufacturing, Ltd. in 2019. The patent, in case you are curious, is for the ventilation system, which draws air from outside of your house, circulates it through the toilet, and exhausts the same air back out of the house.

The system is airtight and will not leak any unwanted air (or smells) into your home. Well, the patent is better than nothing, but it doesn’t prove that the company actually produces its toilets in Canada. The next clue came from the Canadian Corporate Registry, which lists Thinktank Manufacturing, Ltd. as being officially incorporated and registered in Canada on January 15, 2017.

The final clue came from Glassdoor! I was able to find a job posting for Thinktank Manufacturing, Ltd., with the job location being in Victoria, Canada.

This company was initially difficult to nail down. That was until Richard Brunt (the inventor of the products) got in touch with some links to the company’s products and information. Here are some links to Thinktank’s Waterless Toilets.

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  1. The Thinktank toilet can be found at and composting The trap door system (which allows men to stand when using) is also patented.


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