Tire Gauges Made in the USA (Still A Thing?)


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tire gauge made in usa

Having the correct pressure inside the wheels of your vehicle is vital for safety and legal reasons. Having a quality made tire gauge guarantees accurate readings and reliable machinery that is durable for customers. That is why I have written an article on American-made tire gauges.


Brands That Sell Tire Gauges Made in America (The Short Answer)

After a great deal of research, I have found three different companies that manufacture and sell tire gauges in the US. These three companies are Milton, Accu-Gage, and MSC Direct.


Milton was founded in 1943 by a family that wished to go into the vehicle part business. Each member had many innovative ideas to provide premium-quality products for customers that deserved them. In 1962, Milton introduced the inflator gauge to the industry which became incredibly successful.

Many times, Milton has outgrown its manufacturing location and moved around to fit the expanding business. The family beginnings led to the growth of a rather successful tire gauge manufacturer and seller, with now up to 70 years of experience.

Today, Milton sells just over 1,400 products to many customers across the US. The manufacturing of these tire gauges and other products are manufactured in Milton’s largest facility to date in Chicago, Illinois.

Milton Tire Gauges Made in USA

Image Source: https://miltonindustries.com/pages/about-us

Have a look at this list of digital tire pressure gauges made in the USA.


Accu-Gage was founded in 1906 by G.H. Meiser. Proudly having a history of well over a century, this company is rich in experience, engineering and the manufacturing of tire gauges and can easily be considered experts and pioneers in the field.

Accu-Gage is known for its tire gauges having completely accurate precision. Why would you want anything less when purchasing a tire gauge? Accu-Gage recognizes this as its unique selling point in a field that is “often unreliable”. The manufacturing facility is located in Mokena, Illinois, USA, where the company manufactures and distributes tire gauges that never fail its customers.

Accu-Gage Tire Gauges Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.ghmeiser.com/about/

Check out this list of Accu-Gauge’s best tire pressure gauges made in the USA.

MSC Direct

MSC Direct is one of the leading distributors of metalwork across the US. MSC Direct trades in many products for customers and in our interest, tire gauges. MSC Direct is rich in experience, with over 80 years of operating across multiple fields of work.

The company was founded in 1941 by Sid Jacobson, who began by selling tools from the trunk of his car to customers. Having a humble and respectful beginning is ingrained in the foundation of MSC Direct. Since then, the company has opened offices in LA. In 2021, MSC partnered with Wm. F. Hurst Co., LLC, a manufacturing company based in Wichita, Kansas, and all of MSC Direct’s tire gauges are manufactured in America. Here are some examples below.

MSC Direct Tire Gauges Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.mscdirect.com/industrialtools/made-in-usa-pressure-gauges.html/page=5

Here is a list of American-made tire gauges sold by MSC Direct.

Honorable Mention

Through my research, I came across several companies that manufacture in America. However, this is not possible for every company and sometimes external countries are relied upon for materials and manufacturing.

It is not always financially possible for smaller companies to use American materials and they resort to external countries because of this. Here is what I found.

Rhino USA

Rhino USA was founded by a father and his two sons in California. It is a relatively new business that was founded in 2015 and was founded off the family’s passion for being outdoors, riding bikes and motorcycles.

Rhino USA is proud to call itself American Owned and family-operated as this is becoming rare in entrepreneurship in the US. With a lifetime warranty and lots of testing, Rhino’s tire gauges are durable, high-quality products for any biking enthusiast. However, after research into the company, the materials are sourced from overseas in order to be cost-effective.

Rhino USA Tire Gauges Made in USA

Image Source: https://www.rhinousainc.com/pages/faq

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