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Thermos flasks are such ingenious inventions, but it’s not easy to find good quality ones that last. For that reason, American-made thermoses are in demand. The problem is that sometimes, the products aren’t always entirely manufactured in the USA.

So, can you still find stainless steel thermos made in the USA? I’ve done lots of research to find out if thermoses made by American manufacturers still exist. Let’s get straight to it.


Are There Any Brands Selling American-Made Thermos Flasks?

After doing some research, I found 1 brand that sells American-made thermos flasks – Polar Bottle.

Polar Bottle

Polar Bottle is an American company founded in Colorado in 2018 that manufactures insulated sports bottles.

The company’s products are mainly designed for cyclists and athletes. Polar Bottle supports local businesses by giving back to the community and staying aware of its environmental footprint. The company produces BPA-free sports bottles with a world-class design.

Polar Bottle manufactures its insulated water bottles or thermos flasks at its factory in Boulder, Colorado in the United States.

Polar Bottle Thermos Flasks Made in USA


Here are some of Polar Bottle’s thermos flasks for those wanting to take a look for themselves.

Thermos Flasks Commonly Mistaken as Being Made in the USA

Sometimes, you come across companies which at first glance seem like they manufacture thermos flasks in the USA, but after doing a little research, you find out that’s not the case.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is a family-owned American company founded in Chico, California in 2004. The company prides itself on offering a safe alternative to plastic bottles with a low environmental footprint. Klean Kanteen claims to have sold the first BPA-free stainless steel bottles.

Klean Kanteen Thermos Flasks Made in USA 1


Today, it’s owned by Jeff and Michelle Cresswell who continue to push the company forward and further lower its environmental footprint. Although Klean Kanteen thermos flasks are designed at its headquarters in Chino California, the products themselves are manufactured in China. So, Klean Kanteen doesn’t offer thermos made in America.

Klean Kanteen Thermos Flasks Made in USA 2


Tru Flask

Tru Flask is an American outdoor drinkware supplier founded in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. It considers itself an adventure company that helps people enjoy the benefits of nature and the outdoors. Tru Flask offers insulated water bottles, among other products.

At first, the company seems to be proudly all-American. Its headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and nothing suggests its products are manufactured outside the United States. However, a quick Google search leads you to this Amazon listing, where the company confirms its thermos flasks are made in China.

Tru Flask Thermos Flasks Made in USA


Takeya USA

Takeya USA is an American company founded in California in 2008 that offers insulated stainless steel water bottles designed for sports. Takeya USA was founded by an American man and a Japanese man, taking inspiration from Japanese design but remaining truly Californian in its spirit.

At first, due to the company’s name, one might assume that its products are manufactured in the USA. However, the company is transparent and mentions on its website that its thermos flasks are made in China.

Takeya USA Thermos Flasks Made in USA


Hydro Cell

Hydro Cell is an American company founded in Idaho, USA. It’s difficult to find much information about the company online. Its website is, which might make you think that it’s an American company that manufactures its products in the United States.

However, this company is also transparent about where it manufactures its products. On its website’s FAQ section, it mentions that while its thermos flasks are designed in the USA, production takes place in China. So, Hydro Cell doesn’t offer any coffee thermos made in the USA.

Hydro Cell Thermos Flasks Made in USA


Liberty Bottles

Liberty Bottles is an American company founded in Washington in 2010 that manufactures water bottles made out of recycled aluminum.

Its goal is to reduce the usage of plastic bottles due to their impact on the environment.

Liberty Bottles manufactures different kinds of water bottles, including thermos flasks. Liberty Bottles calls its thermos flasks insulated bottles, which is the same thing.

Liberty Bottles Thermos Flasks Made in USA


While it looks like the company manufactures its thermos flasks in the USA, one of our readers contacted us with information that shows Libery Bottoleworks designs and finishes its manufacturing in the US. But it doesn’t state that its manufacturing takes place solely in the USA.

Liberty Bottles Thermos Not Manufactured Entirely in USA


Tervis is a family-owned drinkware company founded in Florida in 1967. It is owned by the third generation of the Donnelly family. The founder Jack Winslow discovered the world’s first double-walled insulated tumblers.

Tervis Thermos Flasks Made in USA


Initially, as you can see from the image above, it looks like the company primarily operates in the USA. However, one of our readers reached out and provided us with some information that suggests Trevis manufactures its bottles in China.

Tervis Thermos Manufactured in China

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    Says “Manufactured in China.
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