Telescopes Made in Germany (Are There Any?)


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Whether you are an amateur astronomer or an expert in your field, if you love looking at the stars, then chances are, you own at least one telescope. Telescopes have been around for a  few centuries. In almost every country, there are at least one or two companies that manufacture telescopes. But is this true for Germany? Well, in this article, I’ll be looking at telescopes made in Germany.


Do Any Brands Sell German Made Telescopes? (The Short Answer)

After an extensive search for German telescope manufacturers, I could only find one that reliably manufactures some of its products in Germany. That company is TS Optics.

Telescopes Made in Germany (What I Found)

Now that we know which company offers German-made telescopes, let’s take a closer look at its inner workings.

TS Optics

TS Optics is a German company that offers binoculars, telescopes, and other optical equipment for amateurs and professional astronomers alike. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an official website for the company. But I found a few official sellers for TS Optics, that’s where I’ve got the information from.

TS Optics is based in Göttingen, Germany, and it looks like it conducts a lot of its manufacturing within Germany. While I wasn’t able to find out where all of its products are made, I came across a couple of its telescopes that are made in Germany as you can see in the image below.

TS Optics Telescopes Made in Germany


Here are some links to TS Optics’ German-made telescopes for those wanting to take a look. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t look like the products below come with tripod stands. From my understanding, it seems like it is just the actual telescope itself without any attachments.

Honorable Mentions

I came across two companies that didn’t quite make it onto the list above. This was for two reasons. Firstly, I couldn’t find out which of their products are German-made. Secondly, one of the companies doesn’t sell telescopes as such, but optical imaging devices that could be adapted for use as a telescope. Here’s what I found.


Leica is a German-founded optics company based in Wetzlar. It manufactures a wide range of optic-based products from rifle scopes to telescopes. It’s a highly sought-after brand and the company’s name is associated with quality and reliability.

The company technically doesn’t sell telescopes per se, but some of its scopes can be used as part of a telescope set hence it getting an honorable mention.

While the company conducts lots of its manufacturing within Germany, I struggled to find out where it manufactures its telescopes. It looks like the company manufactures products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore. The company does clearly state where it manufactures its rifle scopes and some of its cameras, but it doesn’t show where all of its products are made.

Leica Telescopes Made in Germany


Here’s a link to the company’s relevant scope page and another containing Leica’s contact details. I’d recommend reaching out to the company prior to making a purchase to ensure that the scope you are looking at is one that’s made in Germany.


Bresser is a well-known company in the optics world. From the medical field to outer space, the company has products across a wide array of sectors. The company was founded by Josef Bresser in 1957. Throughout the years, the company has grown and expanded to become one of the largest suppliers of optical instruments on earth.

As for its manufacturing, it looks like the company does manufacture some of its products in Germany. However, I also found a few ties to at least one facility in China as well as a few in other countries too. Couple that with the fact that I couldn’t find out which of its products are German-made and you’ve got the perfect company for an honorable mention!

If any readers out there have more information about Bersser’s telescope manufacturing then let us know via the comment section below. Here’s a link to the company’s astronomy page, and here’s one containing Bresser’s contact details.

A Question For The Readers

If there are any readers out there who know of any German telescope manufacturers that belong on this list then let us know via the comment section below. Your comments help to keep our articles up-to-date and accurate with the latest information.

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