Smokers Made in Canada (I Did Some Research)


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Smokers are very popular appliances. In 2020 alone, roughly 20 million grills were sold in the US. With such a high demand for smokers and BBQs, there’s no shortage of companies that manufacture smokers. But what about smokers made in Canada? Are there any? Well, that’s what I’ll be looking at in this article.


Brands That Offer Smokers Made in Canada? (The Short Answer)

Some readers may be surprised to learn that there are actually a few companies that manufacture smokers in Canada. They are Smoke North, Smokin’ Canadian BBQ, and Bulldog BBQ.

Canadian-Made Smokers (A List of Manufacturers I Found)

Now that we have our list of Canadian smoker manufacturers, let’s take a look at the companies in a little more detail.

Smoke North

Smoke North is a family-owned business that manufactures top-tier handcrafted grills and smokers in Canada. The company is based in Kitchener, Ontario. This is where it manufactures its products.

Smoke North Smokers Made in Canada


All of the raw materials that Smoke North uses for its products are sourced from small local businesses in and around Ontario, this means that its products are 100% Canadian.

As for its products, Smoke North manufactures two smoker models, they are The Huron and The Carlisle. Both of these products are built to last under almost any weather condition, and with the right level of care, Smoke North’s smokers can last for several decades.

Smokin’ Canadian BBQ

Smokin’ Canadian BBQ is a small company. It is owned and operated by Christian Menard. He has more than 20 years of welding experience and he’s recently taken to manufacturing BBQ pits and smokers.

Smokin’ Canadian BBQ Smokers Made in Canada


Smokin’ Canadian BBQ is a Canadian manufacturer, and all of its smokers are made in Ontario, Canada. It seems like the company has been built around Christian’s love of building smokers. His products are highly sought after due to their high-quality build and sturdiness.

All of Smokin’ Canadian BBQ’s products are on the same page, so here’s the link to its product page. It manufactures smaller smokers like its Backyard Smoker all the way up to giants like its Mega Smoker. So, there’s something to fit most people’s needs.

Bulldogs BBQs

Bulldogs BBQs is a Canadian BBQ and smoker company. Details are pretty scarce for this one, but here’s what I found.

The company is located in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba, Canada. This is where it manufactures its products, it looks like it is a pretty small operation, but despite its small size, I’ve encountered a handful of reviews raving about the company’s high-quality smokers.

Bulldogs BBQs Smokers Made in Canada


There’s no section to buy one of Bulldogs BBQ’s smokers on its website. If you want to purchase one of this company’s smokers then you’ll have to reach out to one of its official dealers. Here’s a link to Bulldog BBQ’s official dealers. However, it does have images of its models for you to look at, its models are as follows.

Honorable Mention

I came across one company that does manufacture smokers in Canada. However, its products look fairly professional so I am unsure how many people would buy one of these for casual consumer use. Here’s what I found.

Muskoka Smokers

Muskoka Smokers is made up of a team of highly trained metal workers with a passion for smoked meats. The company is based in Gravenhurst, Ontario, this is where its manufacturing takes place.

Muskoka Smokers Made in Canada


The company’s smokers are professional-grade products that are designed only for smoking purposes. These aren’t like regular BBQ smokers, these machines are purely designed for smoking. Here are its three main products for those wanting to take a closer look. Muskoka Smokers also offers a custom service for those wanting a customized smoker.

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