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Many people are particular about the slippers they buy for several reasons. The main reason is comfort, and this requires high-quality materials to meet these standards. Many people prefer American manufacturing because it usually means good quality and is healthier for the environment and for the local economy. That is why I have written an article on slippers manufactured in America.


Brands That Sell Slippers Made in America (The Short Answer)

After lots of research, I discovered four different brands that manufacture slippers in the USA. These four brands are All American Clothing, Sundance Leather, Sheepskingoods, and Footskins.

All American Clothing

All American Clothing is on a mission to support families across America with jobs and high-quality clothing in the US by keeping its products at an affordable price. In 2002, Lawson Nickol founded All American Clothing because he felt that Americans deserved quality clothing that was made in the USA.

The company today is owned by a new generation of young entrepreneurs that are passionate about providing Americans with jobs, continuing the philosophy that the original business owner had.

To this day, after 20 years, all of its slippers are made in the USA, with many facilities across America including Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Texas, and Wisconsin. All environmental and safety requirements are met throughout the entire process. The company produces a wide range of options for slippers. These include sheepskin, with different outer materials such as leather.

All American Clothing Slippers Made in USA

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Check out this list of All American Clothing’s USA-made slippers.

Sundance Leather

Sundance Leather is a small family-owned business that has been operating for well over 40 years producing premium quality sheepskin slippers. The owners believe that the products will always be the finest quality and the most comfortable slippers that you could get your hands on. Many different styles of sheepskin slippers are sold which gives customers many options to choose from.

Sundance Leather sells some of the best sheepskin slippers in the USA. Only the best US-sourced sheepskin and leathers are used to craft each pair that is sold. The small family that runs the business believes this is vital for success and prioritizing this produces only the best USA-made sheepskin slippers on the market. Great pride is taken in the craftsmanship of all the products. They are handmade by Dylan and Jean Anderson in Guffrey, Colorado.

Sundance Leather Slippers Made in USA

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Below is a list of men’s and women’s slippers made in the USA.


Sheepskingoods have been selling premium-quality and passionately made sheepskin goods for well over 40 years. In a small shop in Whidbey Island, it produces what is recognized as some of the most comfortable footwear in the USA. With many years of experience, Sheepskingoods has been able to craft a wide variety of excellent sheepskin slippers.

In 1978, Elizabeth and Patrick VanDyke began the company. They began constructing their ideas in the living room of their home. In order to produce and sell these ideas, they took to the Pike Place Market, where they started to sell their first slippers.

Today, these slippers are sold far and wide by Nick who has the same attention to detail and quality as the slippers. All products are handmade in the US with all materials sourced from the US, making premium-quality house slippers.

Sheepskingoods Slippers Made in USA

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This is a list of the company’s indoor slippers made in the USA.


Footskins’ aim is to offer top-draw handmade deerskin and leather footwear across America. There are many styles produced by Footskins, including slippers that are produced in all sizes for men, women, and children. The styles aim to satisfy all of its customers, providing warmth, comfort, and durable slippers.

Footskins is located in the Mississippi River Valley, Minnesota, USA. All of Footskins’ products are handcrafted in America with American leather and other US-sourced materials. When you combine quality materials and passionately skilled workmanship, you get Footskins’ slippers.

The company has a store in Spring Grove, Minnesota. Manufacturing its own products handmade provides jobs for people in the local community and reduces the carbon footprint in comparison to large corporations.

Footskins Slippers Made in USA

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Here’s a list of leather slippers that Footskins manufactures in the USA.

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