Slippers Made in the UK (I Found These)


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Slippers are designed to bring comfort and easy-going footwear around the house. As comfort is key, materials are an important part of indoor footwear. With that in mind, do any companies offer slippers made in the UK? Well, that’s what I’m going to be looking at in this article.


Brands That Sell Slippers Made in the UK (The Short Answer)

After lots of research into slippers made in the UK, I found 3 different companies. These four companies that manufacture and sell slippers in Britain are Draper of Glastonbury, Lambland, and Broadland Slippers.

Draper of Glastonbury

Draper of Glastonbury was founded in 1937. It is a family and independently-owned business that claims to be at “the heart of England’s sheepskin industry”. After four generations of family, this business has been manufacturing sheepskin footwear for over 85 years. The products provide warmth and comfort which are key assets for slippers. The luxurious sheepskin slippers are popular across the world.

Draper of Glastonbury manufactures roughly 1000 pairs of sheepskin slippers a week. As the fourth generation wishes to stick with the principles and traditions of the first, every single product is handmade in its factory located in Glastonbury, UK.

Draper of Glastonbury believes it has an excellent depth of history and traditions and manufacturing in Glastonbury is essential for this.

Draper of Glastonbury Slippers Made in UK

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Here are some of Draper of Glastonbury’s best sheepskin slippers made in the UK.


Lambland is a third-generation family-owned business in North Devon, UK. Lambland creates luxurious footwear, such as slippers for its customers. The company was established in 1961 which indicates the knowledge and expertise that Lambland has for sheepskin clothing. Sheepskin is more than a material for the company, it is a passion. Using the finest sheepskin enables the company to sell some of the best slippers on offer in the UK.

Many folks choose Lambland because it is renowned for its eco-friendly approach. Sustainability and traditional manufacturing are priorities for Lambland. The entire line of products is made with quality craftsmanship in Britain using only British sheepskin. The business has some shops around the UK and you are able to order the luxurious slippers online as well.

Lambland Slippers Made in UK

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Here are a few for you to check out.

Broadland Slippers

Broadland Slippers has over 150 years of experience in producing slippers. The company is forever adapting to the constantly changing and evolving fashion industry. Only the best materials are used for every piece of Broadland Slippers’ footwear. Leathers, satin, and many other materials are applied through handmade craftsmanship that always meets the highest standards. Its manufacturing facility is located in Norwich, UK. Norwich has a rich history of shoemaking that traces back as far as the 14th century.

Broadland Slippers Slippers Made in UK

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Below is a list of velvet and leather slippers made in the UK by Broadland Slippers.

Honourable Mentions

Some companies cannot afford to manufacture all their products in the UK, despite their desire to. Whilst it is better to manufacture locally, it is not financially achievable for some businesses. Here is what I found after my research.


Glencroft was founded by Richard and Justina Sexton in 1987 to produce and sell country wear crafted with British materials such as wool. The owners have worked with wool and sheepskin since the 60s and have worked throughout all the manufacturing changes in Britain. Their son Edward also runs the business as he holds the traditional values that his parents have whilst using modern technology.

Although Glencroft believes in manufacturing in Britain, roughly 20% of its products, such as slippers, are manufactured in Europe. Each product does transparently state where the product is made, but after research, it cannot be guaranteed that all slippers you purchase from Glencroft are made in the UK.

Glencroft Slippers Made in UK

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Cool Sheepskin

Cool Sheepskin was founded by Gwen Woodfield in 2003 with a mission to sell the best sheepskin products to customers around the world. The owner was raised on a farm, with many sheep and has a background in sheep farming.

However, after research, I discovered on the company website that “worldwide specialist suppliers” contribute to the materials that make Cool Sheepskin’s slippers. Therefore, many external materials produce the slippers that are sold by this business.

Cool Sheepskin Slippers Made in UK

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