Slippers Made in Canada (What’s Out There?)


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Knowledge of your slippers’ materials and the manufacturing process is significant to many people when they purchase slippers. If the slippers are made in Canada, it can help to guarantee quality materials and an ethical manufacturing process. This is why I have written an article on slippers manufactured in Canada.


Brands That Sell Slippers Made in Canada (The Short Answer)

After a lot of research, I found three different companies that sell and manufacture slippers in Canada. These three companies are Nuknuuk, Egli’s Farm, and Real Wool Shop.


Nuknuuk was formed in Montreal, Quebec in 1998. The idea was based on the extremely cold weather of Canada and designing footwear that would help customers survive the cold climate. The mission of Nuknuuk is to manufacture and sell comfortable, high-quality material-based slippers that keep you warm throughout the winter.

The design and manufacturing process is the number one indication of quality at Nuknuuk. Nuknuuk sources its own sheepskin to guarantee quality and durable slippers for its customers. Manufacturing its own products provides jobs for those in Montreal and ensures an environmentally friendly production of every product.

Nuknuuk Slippers Made in Canada

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Check this list of wool slippers made in Canada by Nuknuuk to help counter the bitter weather during the colder seasons.

Egli Farm

Egli’s Farm was founded by Robert and Margarit Egli in 1952. The duo migrated from Switzerland to Northwestern Ontario to pursue their vision. Both recognized that this section of Canada was covered in forage, a place that would be great to breed sheep and produce wool and sheepskin. The family business began with manufacturing in the family garage.

Over 60 years later the company is no longer a small business. After expanding significantly, production and sales have increased and the manufacturing of wool and sheepskin had to grow to meet customer needs. A team of local expert sewing specialists manufactures the sheepskin slippers right at the farm. It is now one of the largest wool and sheepskin specialty shops in Canada.

Egli Farm Slippers Made in Canada

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Here’s a list of Egli’s Farm sheepskin slippers made in Canada.

Real Wool Shop

Real Wool Shop has been producing and selling quality, warm, and comfortable slippers for over 40 years. The company works with multiple types of materials such as wool, bamboo, cotton, and sheepskin for both men and women. It sells products for all sizes from extra small to plus sizing. All of Real Wool Shop’s slippers are made with excellent level materials and provide a comforting footwear experience for all customers that purchase them.

Real Wool Shop is proud of the affordable prices it provides for such quality-made slippers. All of Real Wool Shop’s slippers are manufactured in Canada. The sheepskin slippers are made with genuine and quality sheepskin from Canada that provides the best comfort for your feet and its slippers are built to last.

Real Wool Shop Slippers Made in Canada

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Have a look at this list of Real Wool Shop’s slippers manufactured in Canada.

Honourable Mentions

During my extensive research for slippers made in Canada, I found some companies that at first appeared to manufacture in Canada but proved otherwise. They either used materials from external countries or used manufacturing facilities in other countries. Here are the two companies that I found.

Garneau Slippers

Garneau Slippers is a family business that was founded in 1977 by Francois Garneau and is located in Eastern Township, Quebec, Canada. It was passed down from father to daughter. The company is built on a love for craftsmanship that runs in the family and because of this the new owner, Noemi Garneau is an expert. Noemi grew up in craft shows and was involved with her father from a young age. This inspired her passion for art and craftsmanship. These slippers are designed by someone who knows what they are doing.

However, according to the company website, it states that the business has always sourced sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, the suppliers of the materials used for the company’s slippers are from outside of Canada.

Garneau Slippers Made in Canada

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Manitobah is a company with Indigenous roots and aims to build a global brand that represents the positive impact that Indigenous communities have had over the many years. The company sells a wide range of footwear, including a luxurious range of slippers. However, the manufacturing process takes place in the USA as well as in Canada.

So, it cannot be guaranteed that all the products you purchase from Manitobah are Canadian-made.

Manitobah Slippers Made in Canada

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