Rice Cookers Made in USA (Are There Any?)


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Rice can be a tricky thing to cook, and this makes rice cookers an essential kitchen appliance for those who enjoy having tasty and fresh homemade rice. In this article, I’ll find out if there are any American made rice cookers.


Are There Any Rice Cookers Made in The USA? (The Short Answer)

After doing some research it seems like there aren’t any companies that manufacture rice cookers in America. However, I found two companies I initially mistook as American manufacturers. There is also one company that does manufacture some of its rice cookers in the US, however, its products are primarily aimed at commercial use.

Honorable Mention

As mentioned above, I came across one company that does manufacture some of its rice cookers in the US. However, these are primarily aimed at commercial use. Here’s what I found.

Town Food

Town Food was founded in 1929. It’s a New York based company and it carries out a decent amount of its manufacturing in the US. The company mainly manufactures products for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial businesses, however, some of its products are also suitable for regular consumer use.

Town Food Rice Cookers Made in USA

Town Food has lots of options when it comes to rice cookers, but as mentioned, most of them are for commercial use. It does have a couple of rice cookers that are for domestic use, however, most of those options are made in China. Here is a couple of Town Food’s American made rice cookers – just keep in mind that these are bigger than your standard rice cooker.

Rice Cookers that Are Commonly Mistaken as Being American Made

Two companies kept popping up during my research, Narita, and Aroma. As mentioned above, I initially mistook these companies as being American manufacturers. So, let me clear things up.


Narita is well known across the US for its rice cooker products. The company manufactures thousands of products every year and sells them to people all over the world.

At first glance, I initially thought Narita manufactured its products in America. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Narita markets its products as Narita USA on its website, and this can easily cause confusion as it seems to suggest that it’s an American-based operation.

Narita’s products are actually manufactured in Taiwan. I did not get this information from Narita’s website, as it doesn’t seem to share any manufacturing information on any of its web pages.

This information came from several sources and sellers, including the well-established sales site NewEgg.


Aroma is a world-renowned kitchen appliance company that manufactures a wide range of products, including rice cookers.

The company was founded in California in 1977. Although the company was founded in America, it seems like its rice cookers are not produced there. Several sources claim that Aroma’s products are manufactured in the US. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

While it is true that Aroma manufactures some products in America, its rice cookers are manufactured in China before being shipped to America to be sold.

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  1. You’re missing town food service equipment rice cookers. They’re large capacity commercial units but they’re made in Brooklyn Ny

    • Thank you for your comment, David. We focus primarily on products that are geared toward regular consumer use. Although it does look like some of its smaller models could be used by regular consumers. So we will add Town Food Service Equipment onto our list.

      Thank you for reaching out, comments like this really help the website to grow.

  2. Thank you for doing your research. I will not buy any product made in China. I will pay more for it if it’s made in the United States or I will do without if it is made in China. I appreciate your research.


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