Pliers Made in Germany (Do They Exist?)


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A good pair of pliers can last a lifetime. That said, with so many companies moving to manufacture overseas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find high-quality tools made outside of China. In this article, I’ll be looking at pliers made in Germany.


Which Brands Sell Pliers Made in Germany? (The Short Answer)

After doing some digging, I found 2 companies that manufacture pliers in Germany. They are KNIPEX and Schmitz.

German Made Pliers (A List of Manufacturers)

Now that we have our German plier brands, let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.


Founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1882, KNIPEX is a very well-known plier company. At the time of writing this article, KNIPEX employs around 1,600 highly skilled staff members and it manufactures roughly 13 million pairs of pliers every single year. 13 million pairs of pliers a year works out to more than 59,000 pairs a day!

KNIPEX is a proud German manufacturer, according to the company’s about us page, it manufactures its products exclusively in Germany. Most of its manufacturing takes place at its facility in Wuppertal, meaning that the company has remained in the same place since it was founded.

KNIPEX Pliers Made in Germany


On top of being a proud German manufacturer, KNIPEX is also a company that looks after its employees. The company believes that by creating good working conditions for its employees, work quality goes up. Since the company makes and sells literally millions of pliers each year, I’d say that the company is probably onto something here!

The company has lots of options when it comes to pliers, when I say lots, I mean it. From pliers for electrical use and plumbing to building and aviation, this company has a pair of pliers for almost everything. Here’s a link to its product page.


Schmitz was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1948. While it isn’t as well known as KNIPEX, Schmitz has made a name for itself by producing a wide variety of cutters and pliers for precision use and specialty jobs.

From what I understand, Schmitz manufactures all of its products in Germany. Its manufacturing takes place at a facility located in Solingen, this is the same place where the company was founded.

Schmitz Pliers Made in Germany


Schmitz’s pliers come in all shapes and sizes, they are also made out of different types of materials to suit different clients’ needs. From stainless steel pliers and ones made out of tungsten carbide, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Its pliers are sorted into various categories on the company’s website to ensure that you find the perfect pair quickly and easily. Here’s a link to its category page, and here are a few category options for you to check out.

A Question For The Readers

Since I was only able to find two brands that manufacture pliers in Germany, I want to know whether there are any more brands out there that should be on this list. If so, please leave a comment below as we like to keep our articles up-to-date.

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