Microwaves Made in the USA (3 Brands that Make Them)


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Microwaves are becoming a bigger part of everyone’s needs. After going back to work post-pandemic many people find they do not have the time to cook amazing meals like they did when they were working from home. Microwaves help save that time and for many people the desire for durable, high-quality equipment that was made in America.


Which Companies Sell Microwaves Made in America? (The Short Answer)

After doing research into all of the functions that modern microwaves could provide, I found 3 different brands that still produce microwaves in America. Those are Dacor, General Electric, and Bosch. These companies produce everything, from basic models that can make popcorn to some models that can handle a rotisserie chicken. For many people, it may be time for an upgrade.

American Made Microwaves (3 Brands to Choose From)

You will recall some of the brands below from other articles that were written on various appliances, but there are a few that stand out here and are worth extra consideration. You will definitely be able to find what you need below.


Dacor Microwaves Made in USA

Stanley M. Joseph started a small retail appliance store in northern California in 1933, but he had a lot of ambition beyond just selling other people’s products. By 1948 he released his first electric refrigerator, which he sold under the name Stanthony (not an appealing name but it proved to be very popular).

Stanthony Corp. was founded legally in 1950 and continued to expand. By 1965, Stanley’s family had established Distinctive Appliance, better known as Dacor.

Dacor continued to grow until it was purchased by Samsung Electronics America in August of 2016, when it expanded explosively again. Dacor operates out of a 325,000-square-foot manufacturing facility which also houses its head office in the city of industry, California. The company has a factory showroom in Los Angeles and distributes its products to over a thousand dealer showrooms in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Dacor has had a long and prestigious run and the Joseph family which founded Dacor is the only family to have 3 members inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Hall of Fame. In June 2014 Le Cordon Bleu approached Dacor for equipment testing and signed a deal to use its equipment at its international network of schools, granting Dacor a Le Cordon Bleu seal.

The below are two of Dacor’s most feature-packed models. First is a built-in microwave that slides out like a cabinet drawer. It has moisture sensors and can make a lot of complex dishes. The second is a countertop microwave with fewer bells and whistles.

30 Inch Microwave-In-A-Drawer

24 Inch Countertop Convection Microwave Oven

General Electric

General Electric is a household name in the states and almost everyone has had a GE appliance at some point in their lifetime. General Electric came into existence during the 1892 merger of Edison General Electric Company of Schenectady, New York, and Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Lynn, Massachusetts, with the help of Drexel, Morgan & Co.

Both of the original facilities still operate under the GE Brand. General Electric was such a strong American brand that it was one of the original 12 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial when it was established in 1896.

General Electric sold the majority of its shares to international conglomerate Haier, which is based in China, in 2016. The company sources many of its components in China but 70-90 percent of the parts come from America, with the assembly still done in one of nine manufacturing facilities stateside.

Over time, General Electric moved south and now its global headquarters are located in Appliance Park, in Louisville, Kentucky, which is a 750-acre industrial park established in 1951 just for the manufacturing of American appliances. Appliance Park is so big that it has its own zip code.

Today General Electric has nine manufacturing facilities in five different states. The firm employs 6,500 people, of which 900 are design and manufacturing engineers. It is staying up-to-date and innovative. At the time of this article, GE was valued at 88.18 billion dollars, making it by far the largest company on our list here. I am listing 2 over the range microwaves below because they are becoming the standard in most kitchen designs now. Both of them will get the job done while also providing range ventilation in the kitchen.

GE Profile™ 1.7 Cu. Ft. Convection Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

GE Profile™ 2.2 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven


Bosch is one of the oldest companies in the game when it comes to precision mechanics and tech. Robert Bosch opened a workshop for mechanics and engineering in 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. He originally planned on building a large space and renting out floors of his building to other companies but quickly he filled the space and bought all of the neighboring buildings to continue expanding.

Bosch started out in car components long before the first assembly line. In 1897 it began designing and installing better magneto ignition devices in cars and was known to make the only truly reliable ignition. In 1902 the firm began making spark plugs which changed the game and made cars spread across the world.

The directors opened their first factory outside of Europe in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1912, to expand into the American car market and later into other appliances and heavy goods. Over a hundred years later they have expanded into nearly every niche of precision mechanical and tech equipment including home and heavy industry equipment.

In 2015 they started making wifi connecting devices to prepare to take their company into the future. Now you can control nearly any bosch appliance or tool in your house from an app on your phone. They make all of their equipment region-specific so microwaves sold in America are made in America. They employ 2,000 people at their manufacturing facilities in New Bern, NC, and LaFolette, TN. I listed 2 of their more interesting models below.

800 Series Speed Oven

500 Series Built-In Microwave Oven

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